ALPHA FEMALES in the Philippines

1) G Toengi
2) Marlene Aguilar
3) Cheska Garcia

Why did I choose them? Why not dainty women like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, and Gretchen Barretto?

I chose G, Marlene, and Cheska is because, I admire them for their strong personalities and not only that, they’re known for improving their race.


Buti pa silang tatlo, they may be despised by the elitists because they’re deemed to be mataray, may attitude, at may sayad–yet what makes me admire them is that, they do not complain about their lovelife. They protect their children from any taunts and insults–from a typical dumbed-down Filipino.

I was wondering why most elitists in GirlTalk admire Donita, Sunshine, and Greta when in fact, they’re known for NOT improving their race? Well, they actually have marital woes.

Buti pa nga mga alpha, kung may marital woes sila, hindi nila ibubuntag iyun. They value their privacy religiously, and at the same time, hindi sila pabida.

Also, alpha females are snobbish for a good reason: They don’t settle for less, they have high standards, and at the same time, they’re known for their rich and expensive taste.

Yun na!

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