For the fucking nth time, doon na lang tayo sa mataray pero may puso parin kahit papano–yes, I’m talking about transparent people versus pretentious people.

Dainty women like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, and Gretchen Barretto remind me of friendly politicians who are incompetent performers of their chosen field.

Meanwhile, alpha females like G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar, and Cheska Garcia remind me of snobbish or strict politicians with a strong personality, yet are competent performers in their chosen field.

Mga putanginang mga pabebeng mahinhin (Tagalog for women who are “dainty”) lang ang tatawag na “plastik” kay Risa Hontiveros. Granted, she may have her own lapses as a politician, yet her ideas are great! Mataray man si Risa, however, I could see her as a competent performer. Ganun din ang mga kagaya ni Dick Gordon, Bayani Fernando, Miriam Defensor Santiago, pati na si Ka Rody Duterte.

And most of these people are open for divorce.

Ang mga friendly but incompetent performers, iyan ang mga kagaya ni Grace Poe, Nancy Binay, Leila De Lima… and the list goes on… they however, oppose divorce!

Alam niyo kasi, ganito lang iyan. Ihahalintulad ko lamang po si Marian Rivera sa mga competent performers while si Angel Locsin!? Dun siya sa mga incompetent performers.


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