Komikado Reacts: Long Discussion on a Blog Entry


#MSPsays: Nagbago ang impression ko nung nakita ko si Maja Salvador sa personal. Tahimik lang siya kumpara doon sa pabidang plain Jane na si Bela Padilla (seriously, I am never a fan of Bela Padilla at all–I find Bea Alonzo better-looking than her, and I find Glaiza De Castro greater than her).

Buti pa nga si Majarot, infairness, malaki ang pinagbago niya–ngunit speaking of her personality, she’s really boring naman talaga.

However, infairness, hindi siya kasing-boring ni Sarah Lahbati.

Real Talk: Kim Chiu is the bad influence!

Let me be very honest with you, guys. Kim Chiu is the BAD INFLUENCE, not Maja. Proof? Hindi naman ungas si Xian Lim before the Bicol fiasco (which made Lola Joey extremely disgruntled–goodvibes pa iyun sa personal, ah!).

I think Gerald distanced himself from Kim Chiu is because, he knew she had a bad attitude. Of course, that is natural for person who has his own sense of pride.

Hindi lang si Maja Blanque ang nabiktima ng pagiging ungasis niya (Kim). I think, other people who are associated with Kim Chiu became shit people–buti na lang si Sarah Geronimo, hindi nagpadala sa pagiging ungasis ni Kim Chiu. Kung snobbish man si SG sa personal, lemme tell you that SG is like any other artist who has their own inner crisis issues. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Iyung mga artists na associated with Marian Rivera, nagiging ungas din ba at the end? Of course not, since Marian is a good example and a good influence to the youth. Etchos lang ang pagpapa-laglag niya, dahil looking at her naman, she is conservative at heart–have you ever heard of Marian fucking with a lot of TV honchos at GMA?

The elitistang twatards and other dumbed-down people should STOP believing that Kim Chiu is nice in person (when in fact, she is maldita in person! Lakas pang maka-negatiba), and that Marian is a “witch.” Speaking of Marian, many twats believe that she’s a man-stealer, a homewrecker, when in fact, Karylle stole Dingdong from Antoinette Taus.

When in fact, Dingdong pursued Marian because he saw the good values in her!

Siyempre, wala paring “forever” kay Kim Chiu–time will pass, and Xian will leave her for good. I believe that Xian only became a scum when he became “on” with Kim Chiu (when in fact, gamitan lang iyan!). Buti pa nga si Marian, may forever, eh!

White Skin =/= Aristocratic Features

I often get uncalled for comments such as “Maputi ka lang.”, “Hindi naman katangusan ang ilong”, etc… back home (kahit hindi naman ako nakikipagpagandahan) because despite my pasty skin, I don’t have the typical mixed blood features (which is fine kasi I’m 100% Pinay naman). Kiber. Marami lang talagang laitera sa’tin.

— Prunella of GirlTalk


Well, sabi ng iba, sa dark-skinned mo pa makikita ang aristocratic features. Truth is, you won’t be called a mestiza simply because your skin is fair–you’ll be called one if your features are like those who live in the Western parts of the world: The Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, Eurasia and the rest of Europe.

Kalokohan ang magsasabing mestiza ang isang taong maputi ang balat pero ang features naman, pang-alipin!

Hindi ba pwedeng, chinita lang!?


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