Yes, please! Magpakonsulta po kayo sa mga kagaya ni Gat Pepe!


#RealTalk sa mga taong gandang-ganda kay Julia: Julia cannot pass for the term “shibui,” which is Japanese for some entity that is plain in form, but possess a great amount of beauty (depending on one’s perspective).

Infairness pa kay Mariel Rodriguez at saka Kitchie Nadal, they could pass for the term, “shibui.” I don’t actually find Mariel and Kitchie stunningly “kirei,” however, I would consider them as “shibui.” Usually, the “seramikang alipin” I’m saying is not sounding mean, however, the correct term of describing plain Jane facial features enhanced by a maharlikan skin texture should be “shibui.”

Isantabi na ang terminong, “seramiko.”

However, the likes of Cristine “KubetAA” Reyes and Julia “Konyolitista” Barretto will NEVER be considered as “shibui.” Wala pa sila sa level nila Dominique Cojuangco at ni Sarah Lahbati na maa-aring matawag na shibui. Same with Maja Salvador. I think Maja could pass for “shibui” since her beauty after all, borders plain-Jane level, yet she has a maharlikan skin texture.

Having the skin as white as alabaster/porcelain/labanos/espasol/harina/paper is a fucking eyesore–RealTalk iyan

Lovi Poe, Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero and Maggie Wilson are beautiful in person. They’re very stunning–their effortlessly sultry aura made MSP a big-time “ALIPIN” (si MSP kaya nagsabi niyan!).

At excuses me po, hindi po dugyutin si Lovi Poe sa personal. Sadyang hindi lang talaga siya mahal ng lenteng ginagamit ng mga litratista’t pelikulista!

Heart Ongpauco-Escudero is pretty as well, just that, mukha siyang nangangayayat. Si Maggie naman, well, she’s far better-looking in person than on terebi/shashin.

Julia!? YES, she’s the least stunning of them all. Lovi and Maggie could pass for SHIBUI, but not Julia. Why?

To be honest, kaya lang maganda si Julia ay dahil kahawig niya si Kat Von D. However, Kat Von D possesses a higher face value–that’s the true face of a Latina who is of German descent.

I dunno why, however, I find Dominique Cojuangco better-looking. At least kahit papano, hindi masakit sa mata ang hitzu ni Dom, samantalang si Julia, kapag inilawan, masakit na kaagad sa mata!

The good side of having dark skin is that, your eyes become relaxed. Pasintabi po sa mga kasing-puti ng mga multo’t nagmumukhang bangkay, pero ang kasing-puti ng papel madalas eh, ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakaroon ng astigmatism ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino.


Having unnaturally white skin that is as white as paper or someone whose skin is the same level as espasol, harina’t labanos, IYUN talaga ang masakit sa mata!

Kaya kapag makikita mo si Cristine Reyes, you will only find her attractive because of her pale white skin, which is actually an eyesore.

Well, pati pagmumukha ni KubetAA, eyesore na kaagad!

Mas lalo na kay Toni panga.

Speaking of Yeng Constantino, I think she is still stunning despite that her white skin is also an eyesore. Yeah, speaking of chinita beauties–that pale white skin ONLY LOOKS GOOD on chinita looks. Bar none!

quoting junetwentythree of GirlTalk:

I just shake my head at all the comments about celebrities instantly not being as attractive dahil maitim sila. Mas mabuti pa pala na i-fake at i-photoshop para pumuti sila? Na hindi na natural? Mas maganda pa pala ang magpaputi by unnatural means kasi then they’ll be deemed pretty? Kaya ba nagkalat ang plastic surgery places AT THE MALL of all places?!!


To me, Lucy Torres is overrated when it comes to her beauty. I don’t find her pretty at all. Maputi lang (see it from the other side of the spectrum there?). Tapos yung pagkaputi pa, yung extremely unnatural looking, like if she gets a bit of sun on her she’ll burn to death. I’m so sick and tired of seeing all these pearlescent looking women who actually look they might be cancer patients, they’re so pale.

I agree with her. Sis june23, sa akin mo lang matutunan itetch: Having unnaturally pale white skin is an eyesore (for the Zth time).

Kung hindi ka naman chinita at the first place (or lezzay, someone whose looks are East Asian/Northeast Asian/Mongolic–este lahing singkit), why bother having white skin that is as pale as Anne Hathaway!? To be honest, the only reason why Filipinas are pressured to have pale white skin and flat-straight hair is because the Philippine media glorifies the good features of East Asian women–actually, the Meteor Garden boom is to blame.

Ironically, many Filipino elites idolize Beyoncé.

So, mga socialites lang pwedeng maging kayumanggi!?

It is also to be taken note that mestiza promdis have an air of arrogance simply because they’re hailed as “GODDESSES” in the provinces, while in the cities, they’re actually ordinary/plain. Ilagay lang sila sa Europa o Hilagang Amerika, they’ll simply be plain Janes with the same matapang features. Kaya sabi nila daw, kapag si Marian Rivera, nasa Espanya (hindi ‘yung kalsada, ah!), magiging typical lang siya doon–mas stunning pa nga “daw” si Penelope Cruz, eh (well, I disagree–Penelope is simply a typical Spaniard with gypsy looks–Monica Cruz is better-looking).

The problem with Filipino beauty standards

Basta maputi’t makinis ka, maganda ka kaagad, even though your features are simply plain. Tingnan niyo ang mga Hapones, they judge beauty on facial features (plus points na lang siguro ang kutis-maharlika). Juice Colored, kung si Ellen Adarna nga, Friendster queen. What more sa Japan?


See? Sa Japan pa lang, nakilala na siya! What more kung sa Korea?

Hindi naman magiging viral si Natalia Poklonskaya kung hindi naman siya na-diskubre ng mga Hapones sa YouTube. Hindi naman papatok ang Darna sa Japan kung hindi dahil kay Marian Rivera.

People, it’s still better to have aristocratic features, rather than having unattractive native looks. JUSME, sila Mika Flores at si Melai Cantiveros!? Hindi naman sila sisikat sa Japan! Si Miho Nishida na nga, given na lumaki siya sa Japan, Japanese at Tagalog lang ang alam niyang wika, ngunit I bet, hindi talaga siya sisikat sa Japan! To those who are moralists, mukha talagang MABAHONG ALIPIN si Miho Nishida, kaya hindi talaga siya sisikat sa Japan!

I don’t think Mariel Rodriguez and Kitchie Nadal would be “viral” in Japan! Admit it or not, Mariel and Kitchie could only pass for “shibui.” It’s all thanks to their aristocratic skin, they’re hailed for their so-called “beauty” when barefaced. However, speaking of facial features, mas nagmukhang sosyal na mayaman sila Ellen Adarna pati si Yui Aragaki (IMO, Gacky is way better-looking than Song Hye-Kyo).

Sa bagay, kapag Hapones, mas maselan pa sila sa mga Koreano! Tingnan niyo kaya si Cristine Reyes–hindi naman siya pansinin doon sa Korea. What more pa sa Japan? Mas pumatok pa nga si Jessy Mendiola sa Korea, eh! I also don’t think that Japanese people will be attracted to AA–facial features pa lang, ang nagdala lang is her aristocratic skin. Bar none. Kung umitim pa siya or nagkaroon ng dry skin, sa tingin niyo ba, magiging patok pa siya!?

I bet my ass that AA will be like Miho Nishida! They both look stinky, anyway!

East Asian keratin structure plus Western facial features — A RARITY!

Balik tayo kay JuliaBeeyotch!

#MSPsays: I think the only reason why Julia Barretto is beautiful by Filipino standards is because she has East Asian keratin structure (fair, smooth skin and long, straight hair) plus her almost-Western looks (pointed nose, perfect facial shape–basically that’s it) are the cream of the crop of her overall image. However, Julia is still plain Jane, so to speak. Wala pa iyan sa byuti ni Kat Von D, who happens to be a Latina of German descent. I don’t think Julia B is well-loved like KVD is because, the latter has showed a good attitude as compared to the former–hindi pa nagiging artista, pangit kaagad ang ugali. Also, KVD is unquestionably talented: She isn’t only good in tattoo-ing ang drawing; she also designs shoes, clothes, she is also a musician–she plays the piano and guitar, she writes songs, and not to mention that she also has her makeup brand at Sephora.

Sa totoo lang, mas prefer ko parin si KVD ay dahil deserving naman talaga siya maging sikat, eh. Hindi lang siya A-Class na tattoo artist (though mas angat parin talaga sa kanya si Megan Massacre–her designs are more intricate, plus, her tattoo works could pass for architectural art), talented na talaga siya sa talented.

Speaking of Julia Barretto, she should have been a volleyball player instead. Somehow, athletes have higher status than celebrities (esp. TV personalities). If you’re an athlete kasi, you represent your country.

Hindi baleng atleta ka, kesa sa maging artista ka, malalaos ka rin.

If Julia wants to be well-loved by the masa, she should have been an athlete instead of being an artista. Athletes who have been in showbiz kasi have proven that they could endear the masa (e.g., Benjie Paras, Enchong Dee).