Ugly Tattoos destroy a Pretty Face (Aesthetically Speaking)

If anyone will call me an elitist, go ahead. I won’t care at all.

#RealTalk: I don’t like the tattoos of Amuro Namie.


If any girl who wishes to have a boyfriend like me has a tattoo like that on their upper arm, I will shoot them! You’re not the type of woman who will do the “Bugaw sa Kulungan” thing. You ain’t a hooker in the red light district, or someone from an all-female penitentiary.

Good thing she got rid of them

IMO, it’s a wise decision for her to have them OUT of her body. Those things do not suit her at all–and it’s great that she has outgrown them.

The tattoos were badly done! Anchaka ng pagkakagawa, parang galing preso lang! I won’t be apologetic for saying this, yet I am an ink snob. The oval tattoo was crap. Anlabo ng pagkakasulat ng Engrish sentence sa tattoo–wrong grammar pa.

Now I recall a Chinese joke, when they have English tattoos, the outcome is “water.” LOL!

Those tattoos are THUG tattoos!

Yeah. If anyone will dare have that kinda design, better prepare. I will really shoot you! PAK!

Now here’s the thing:

So don’t be a thug! Better CLICK HERE to see the “progress.”