Living in America won’t make you automatically open-minded

GirlTalk’s blairbunny said:

Yung mentality na prevalent sa old generation na bilib na bilib sa America. Para bang getting there is their ultimate measure of success. Same dun sa mga nakarating lang feeling na nila better sila than everyone else.

megamabushii replied:

Frankly speaking, I find the United States ordinary and “parang Pilipinas” lang ang vibes. Mas maganda parin sa Pilipinas, kung tutuusin. Airport conditions pa nga sa States, worse than sa Pinas, eh. At least sa Pinas and other parts of Asia, their airport staff are more efficient and more responsive.

Also, #RealTalk: I don’t like to sound as if I am generalizing, but the older generation who becomes US citizens actually become more narrow-minded and bigoted, as compared naman sa mga talagang ipinanganak at/o lumaki sa Estados Unidos. I expect naman sana them to be open-minded, turns out, being a naturalized US citizen didn’t make them open-minded.

So lemme begin the discussion.

Living in the United States of America through any form won’t make you automatically open-minded and liberal at the same time

Don’t get me started with your O-1 visa, your greencard, and/or your US passport. Frankly speaking, being a naturalized American, if you’re an older-generation promdi, won’t make you open-minded and liberal at the same time.

#RealTalk: The promdi Pinoy Generation-X who becomes naturalized US citizens at their mid-aged years, actually made them more narrow-minded and bigoted. Proof? They become hypocritical in many ways possible.

MSP could attest to that.

Tagalugin ko na lang siguro. Baka maraming mga Kanong magagalit sa’kin.

Ganito kasi iyan. Tingin kasi ng mga Generation-X na Pinoy promdi, nakaka-taas ng antas nila ang pagiging citizen ng Estados Unidos, siyempre, sa pamamagitan ng kanilang bughaw na pasaporte. Yes, I’m talking about the dark blue passport they usually brag. Ganyan naman sila madalas, eh. They brag about their so-called “American-ness” by simply glorifying Western culture and looking down/belittling Asian culture–so to speak, whatever is Western, they glorify it. Whatever is Asian, they look down on it.


In English, it’s fucking rid-DICK-culous.

Kaya nakakatawa kasi nga, they glorify the whites, or anyone who is a native European (or let’s say, white). Ganyan naman usually kapag mga elitistang Pinoy, eh. As what GRP said:

My point here is that why do we only see European features as beautiful? What about the women who don’t have European features? Does that mean that Filipinas that lack European features aren’t beautiful? Does that mean that Filipinas who have tanned skin (or darker) are ugly? Why can’t we have beauty contestants who look less European? Does being European automatically translate to being beautiful?

To be honest, I find European beauty overrated. Ako nga, hindi ako nagagandahan kay Pia Wurtzbach o kay Megan Young (meh, I still prefer the beauty of Lara Quigaman, Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup)–Pia’s features are too strong and masculine, while Megan? OMG, mas sophisticated nga si Alessandra de Rossi sa kanya, eh!

I don’t see it why these Generation-X Pinoy promdis who are now hilaw na Yankees (YEAH, unapologetically speaking iyan!) glorify Europeans, while they look down on East Asians. As a matter of fact, I find East Asians better-looking–here, East Asians could actually improve the race of black people. Proof? Tyson Beckford!

Nakakahiya, guys. Belitting Asian culture or everything Asian simply because you’re a hilaw na Yankee only makes you ridiculous. Being a naturalized American won’t ever make you superior. It’s only that you have a powerful passport, giving you visa-free entry to Japan, SoKor, European Union, and other parts of the world. However, you could only access your kapwa first-world country most of the time, without any pre-arrival visa.

Kaya urat na urat si MSP when she was with her relatives in the States. She even said that she won’t live in the States, and would rather prefer Malaysia instead. Sa bagay, when you say Malaysia, conservative sila, but they’re more relaxed, and infairness naman, kahit discriminatory naman ang policies nila regarding religion, you’re still treated as a first-class citizen–if you’re Asian. Sa Japan pa lang, if you look Asian, you will not be discriminated as is (so long as you live like they do). Same in South Korea, to think that they value homogeneity as part of their culture (discrimination still exists if you’re not singkit enough–at least sa mga traditional conservatives doon, can’t blame them).

At least, when you talk to Asians, at least they open their minds. They don’t make conservatism as an excuse–at all. We simply have to be careful, though. Most of the time, they’re sensitive people (well, which is true).

Having a US passport won’t make you open-minded and an out-of-the-box thinker

I would give props to Maria Sharapova and Marlene Aguilar for simply having the contentment to have a green card–now why should you go under naturalization while a green card could be useful, anyway? For Sharapova, she would go back to Russia if facilities and sporting equipment–and sports conditions in her homeland are world-class. She may have lived the American dream, but there’s no turning back against her homeland’s culture–after all, Russia isn’t only known for their ramp models; they’re also known for their highly-competitive athletes in the field of sports. Jessica Long, an amputee representing the United States–is actually by birth, an ethnic Russian. It shows that sports is in the genes of the Russian people. No wonder, speaking of over-all strength, it’s the Russians that have the reputation of being a “strong country.” All thanks to Putin, though. Spasibo, Pan Putin!

Speaking of Marlene Aguilar, she chose to remain a Filipino citizen. She even said that she travelled to over 40 countries with only her Filipino passport, and she doesn’t seem to have qualms with it.

Mother Dragoness, as we fondly call her, said, “I have lived in the States for almost 12 years, but I still chose to keep my Filipino passport. To Grace Poe, isa kang UNGAS!”

But to be honest, Masha and Mother D remained open-minded, without the need to become American citizens. I cannot imagine Masha being an American–she’s still Russian to me.

Speaking of culture, American expats live with the culture; but not naturalized US citizen Filipinos who visit their native homeland

RULE OF THUMB: Live with the culture that you’re in.

However, these Pinoy promdi balikbayans would have the nerve to have some form of superiority complex that is soooooo urat-inducing, kahit mga elderly Filipinos, urat din. Not observing eye-to-eye contact? Well, in Asia, it’s actually the norm, since eye-to-eye contact, to be honest, is rude. In Western countries however, it’s a sign of dishonesty (well, I don’t buy that fact at all–it’s more like a cultural thing kasi). Well, these older-generation Pinoy promdis will bring up their American-ness kuno by punishing you for not being “American” or “Western” enough. Mga American expats nga, hindi ka naman nila mamatahin kapag hindi ka naman nag-eye-to-eye contact sa kanila.

It’s so ridiculous that the Generation-X will glorify everything European and American, while in fact, they end up marrying someone who looks like Jejomar Binay, or anyone who has the looks and traits of a Binay. Nakakatawa lang, this is due to their “hatred” to East Asian looks–which they don’t realize will compensate their Spanish features.

No wonder, I find their beliefs… hypocritical.

What is preaching your beliefs, when in fact you idolize people who practice things that are contrary to your beliefs, right? It shows how hypocritical their generation is.

Nakakatawa kasi, they think that American culture is superior over the rest. Anong superior!? I think that their American-ness didn’t even make them superior–after all, their jobs aren’t that bling-bling. Also, they’re quite BIGOTED towards Arab culture (well, sorry to say that I have bias against Arab culture–their machismo is far worse than East and Southeast Asia)–in a way that they view Arabs as “America haters.”

Well, not really. Rich Arabs actually admire America.

A First-World Navy Blue Passport won’t ever make you classy… or “SOSYAL”

Why act as if you’re superior if you’re only going to visit the Philippines? It’s similar to making your navy blue passport as a pamaypay, kung cup noodles pati biskit lang ang pambaon mo kapag bibyahe ka ng ibang bansa, tapos makiki-tira ka lang. In fact, holding a green card or a navy blue passport won’t make everyone CLASSY. Hindi baleng third-world passport ang meron ka, so long as you eat in restos that serve local cuisine, and if you can afford, you go check-in at 5-star hotels or rent cottages.

In short, these elitistas think that their navy blue passport makes them classy, while in fact nagbabaon lang sila ng kapnudels pati biskit kapag papunta silang ibang bansa, tapos makikitira lang sila sa kamag-anak, regardless kung business class and sakay nila sa eroplano. DAIG PA SILA ng mga may third-world passports, ngunit nakakapag-dine in sa mga restos na local cuisine ang nasa menu, tapos nakakapag-hotel or cottage sila–again, regardless kung business class and sakay nila.

Therefore, a first-world passport won’t make you classy!

If holding a first-world passport won’t make you open-minded, mas lalo nang hindi nagpapaka-sosyal ang pag-aari netu!



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