Blast from the Past: The elitistas’ take on Mother Dragoness


Guys, here I showcase you when the GirlTalkers shamed me simply because I was only defending Marlene Aguilar and Maegan Aguilar from their rather judgmental lambastments.


Showcasing you these:


To the GirlTalkers:

Bashing Maegan and Mother D won’t ever make you classier! It only made you look cheap! Yeah, money can never buy class–and just so you know, like the twatard scums on Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements], you are deserving to be labelled as ELITISTS.

You may care about your luxury bags, and brag your aristocratic features and your academic achievements, but mind you that these things are worthless–walang-wala pa iyan sa mga achievements ni Mother D. Anyways, Mother D has achieved more than you guys have… or do.

Kaya todo bash kayo sa mga kagaya ni Mother D, G Toengi at saka Cheska Garcia–simply because they’re married to white guys (or half-white), and they have a strong personality. Yeah, ‘yung tipong hindi niyo sila ma-diss diss, samantalang todo puri naman kayo sa mga dainty women (yeah, the ideal women of the elitists in Filipino Freethinkers [U&A], so yeah, if the FFreethinkers are the male elitists, you bitches are female elitists) gaya nila Sunshine Cruz, Donita Rose pati Gretchen Barretto (now you know what I mean, LOL!).

You bash girls with strong personality (but married to a white European or East Asian guy) is because you think they’re not the type na mala-Lucy Torres kumilos, blah-blah and crap…

I think you guys should not look down on these alpha females. Alpha females have proven to be more superior since they simply don’t obsess with white guys alone–they also admire East Asian guys. Mind you that wives of East Asian guys are tough women, unlike dainty women, they’re kinda weak and helpless, this contributing to their lack of wisdom.

Kaya mas KALAIT-LAIT naman siyempre, ang mga kagaya ni Sunshine Cruz. Yeah, she may be talented, however, I don’t like her dainty personality (meek, demure, mahinhin–tipong Shalani Soledad). Also, I don’t even find her pretty, either. Sexy, yes. However, she looks older than her age and she looks gay! Nagmukhang feminine tuloy ang mga kagaya ni Mariel Rodriguez (to think I find her a plain Jane–nadala lang sa kinis ng kutis ang byuree niya).

I find the looks of Sunshine Cruz similar to Anne Hathaway–I find their features far manlier than Blake Lively (hey, unlike the elitists, I find Blake pretty when she smiles–she’s like the blonde version of Asia Argento). Also, they’re the type of masculine-looking females who are umay-worthy. Yeah, umay-worthy, indeed.

Dear GirlTalkers, you have glorified Kristulo and Whorina once


Yes, you did once glorified Kris-TULO and WHORE-ina once. Kristulo for her awkward interview with the Spiderman stars, while you admire Whorina because Karen Davila was “n00b” compared to her.


No wonder, ganito pala ang feedback sa inyo:


HAHAHA! I get it. Yes, and #RealTalk: Mga elitista, mas stalker pa nga sa mga online “stalkers” sa Facebook. Well, you call that an “investigator.” Siyempre, you have to scroll the pages out of curiosity.

Kaya mas stalker pa nga ang mga elitista ay dahil desperado silang mag-fish for compliments, while in fact, their aristocratic features and academic achievements are primary examples of compliment-worthy categories. Nga lang, they feel like they lack something, so what they’ll do is to do stalking, fault-finding, tapos ang sasabihin nila, “Lasallista ka nga, wala ka namang class atsaka breeding!”

At sino ngayon ang palengkera, huh!?

It shows how hypocritical and pretentious the elitistas are. Jusme! Kung makapag-suot ba naman sila ng nightdress, mind you that they do not look classy enough. Instead, they look like Class-A whores. ‘Yung tipong, nagpapa-hada na sa mga DOM.

That is why their moral values are questionable.

Alakas nilang mag-bash kay Andi Eigenmann pati Sarah Lahbati, sa totoo lang. Pero pagdating naman sa mga KABIT, tahimik lang sila. #RealTalk: Mas cheap naman ang maging mang-aagaw! Majarot and KubetAA are mang-aagaws, but why do dainty women glorify them?

And Sunshine Cruz, before she became self-reliant, cried wolf?

It shows that the elitistas are promoting a hypocritical image. LOL, ganito ang analohiya: Kung epitome kuno ng women empowerment sila SaKim/ChaKim pati Conceited Ombudsman, it’s like saying na idol-worthy sina Majarot at KubetAA. Kaya hindi ako umi-idolo sa mga mang-aagaw at saka haughty bully ay dahil, hindi naman sa “moralista” ako, actually, having a bad image/reputation to non-elitists is FAR WORSE than having a bad image/reputation towards the elitistas. Elitistas act pure and clean, while in fact, they’re seriously whores of their own state of mind. ‘Yung mga kunwaring prangka’t palaban diyan, mas mukha pa kayong mga alipin kesa sa mga totoong taong may hitsura pa. In fact, the elitistas that I have encountered in GirlTalk and in posh areas–basically, they’re konyotic trash. I don’t see the point of idolizing these konyotic people at all–when in fact, all they know is to give you the same, gasgas piece of crap that you won’t even use in the future, anyway.

Being “pa-sosyal” won’t make you worthy of respect

As a matter of fact, you’re the same bunch of elitistic cuntheads who will ridicule or mock people who will challenge the professor by asking them a weird question such as, “What will be the person’s citizenship if he/she was born in outer space?”

Kung suppressed ang freedom of speech niyo sa mga Catholic schools, mas masahol pa nga pagdating sa mga sosyal na pamantasan. As a matter of fact, mas madaling i-express ang sarili mo sa mga pamantasang di-kasosyalan, regardless if they’re sectarian. Sa mga di-sosyal nga na schools, they will accept you parin kahit na weirdo ang mga ideya mo. Only the cocky know-it-alls and the quasi-elitista popular kids will only laugh at you. Ganun ka-KITID ang kanilang utak.

And what’s with this insisting on the importance of “family values”?

WAIT… are you really good in practicing them!?

Are you really family-oriented? MONEY-ORIENTED, pwede pa!

Before I forget, you would lambast someone who wears clothes like a “manang.” JUICE KO, hindi baleng manang o baduy tingnan, so long as hindi siya mukhang pokpok na handang magpa-hada sa mga DOM.

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