Beastmode talaga ako dahil siyempre, elitista at kulturang macho parin ang umiiral sa lipunang Pilipino.

Nakakahiya tayo, guys! Up to now, there’s no justice that will be give to the late Tania Dee. After all, masasabi ko nga na mahinang klase itong si Tania Dee.

Why is it up to now, the Solons are still afraid to legalize divorce? Their excuse? Masisira daw ang pamilya.


Papano naging normal ang pangagaliwa’t mangabit!?

Hindi po normal iyun. Sa mga elitistang Solon, aminin niyo, ang source of livelihood niyo ay sa pamamagitan ng mga SCAM. Hindi ako nagbibiro!

And speaking of failed marriage, hindi niyo ba matatawag na failed marriage ang kay Sheldon at Tania? Halatang failed, eh! Tapos sasabihin niyong strong ang family nila dahil walang diborsyo!?

Mga bobo!

Alam niyo mga Solon, ganito lang iyan: You only make marriage as a status symbol. Tapos mangangaliwa kayo para lang matawag na gwapo, macho, at powerful.

Unlike you wimps with closet tuló, I have outgrown that “fanboy” behavior.

Yeah. The “otakus” that we see in FF, oh my, they would rather be the typical “fanboy” who objectifies women (kaya most of them will tulo-laway to KubetAA), will pretend they’re liberated and open-minded (while sadly, most of them are simply plain bigoted).

And you will think Filipinos will abuse divorce once it becomes legal?

What a pathetic, lame and defeatist excuse.

Otaku mentality has been corrupting the minds of Pinoy men. Yeah, I’m talking about the cocky know-it-alls and intellectual elitists who are active members of the Filipino Freethinkers. They have the otaku mentality (Fact: Otaku is a derogatory term in Japanese) that is actually NOT helping the country. Kaya kung ako sa inyo, why not have the mentality that is not focusing on being a whiny otaku, and instead, read senseful articles (albeit negatronic) in It will help you become enlightened.

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