Buking ni Komi: Madaling iwasan ang scam sa telepono o sa text, pero sa personal, nakakatakot!

Hindi ka makakatakas, sa totoo lang. Well, si MSP na nagsabi sakin niyan. She was helpless. I mean, she cannot say “no” dahil hinarang siya. Fearing that she will be harassed or being humiliated, she gave in.

She trusted her instincts, but these scammers in this so-called insurance company? Punyeta! Akala mo naman, mga totoong professional sila, pero sa totoo lang, napaka-jejemon pala nila. So to speak, she checked their Facebook accounts and surprisingly, they work at the same company, pero mag-kasintahan sila. May anak pa!

MSP’s human rights were violated.

Bakit kaya nakakalusot ang mga scammers sa mga malls? Nakakahiya! Kaya galit ma galit pala si MSP sa bulok na sistema ng gobyerno ay dahil, ini-spoonfeed ng kurakot na buwaya ang mga ugaling iskwating! Itanong niyo pa iyan kay Bianca Gonzales!

Well, this scam has to stop. Full stop. However, kung patuloy nating iboto ang mga same-old corrupt people, wala rin! Kaya sinasabi ko sa inyo, kalabanin natin ang BULOK NA SISTEMA ng gobyernong Pilipino!

Madali namang iwasan ang SCAM sa telepono o ‘di kaya text ay dahil siyempre, malayo ka, eh! Pero kapag sa personal, wala kang mukhang maihaharap. 

#RealTalk: Kung stern ang “NO” mo, loud and clear, they will surely harass you.

Hegemonic Supremacy MY ASS!

Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon. I could sense that Philippine politics is patterned after the US government, believe it or not. If Pinoylitics is dirty, American politics is far dirtier, since they fund a lot of extra-territorial wars. They meddle in the affairs of other countries, which I believe violates international law.

So here: Being controlled by the US and Vatican (yeah, I won’t apologize for not sparing Vatican here!) is actually dangerous. If Yellow Oligarchy and American Imperialism is dangerous, what more with America and the Vatican?

Swerte ng mga ibang bansa, hindi sila kontrolado ng Illuminati. Kaya sirang-sira na ang kultura ng Pilipino ay dahil sa pesteng mga freemason gaya ni Aguinaldo at ang kloseta niyang kasabwat na si Servillano Aquino.

Freemasonry actually existed long before the white colonizers invaded, colonized and effed up the land that is originally the territory of the Native Americans. Bastos lang, ‘di ba? And yet, these iskwating settlers from Europe established an independent sovereign state–at the expense of the lives and culture of the natives.

A Culture of Hypocrisy: Traditionalistic hypocrisy, that is

Tama nga si Heneral Luna: Filipinos only care about their families, without thinking that the country would be better off, if only its own citizens would balance their love for family and country.

Yeah, indeed. The strong, clannish culture is actually the thing. It promotes a twisted defintion of homogeneity. Also, it discourages one to be a free soul. Well, ang tunay na family-oriented kasi, they will fight for family while contributing to a better version of their own country. I actually make David Beckham as an example is because, he is not only a family man, he brings true British pride to Great Britain. You think he’s “liberated” because of his tattoos, and before marriage, he and Victoria has Brooklyn, their first child. However, he isn’t that liberated–liberated siguro in a sense that he has tattoos and had Brooklyn before marriage. However, on the inside, he is conservative–in a non-traditional manner. Yes, you could be conservative while not being a traditionalist. Traditionalism for me is thinking inside the four corners of the box. Now there.


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