Thinking Class of the Philippines FB page: The epitome of a Shittakaburi (a Japanese term for know-it-all)


GRP is the real thinking class, albeit having elitista writers
The real thinking class can be found through most of the writers in GRP. Thinking Class only loves to do fault-finding (esp. the Marcoses), but they actually fail to discuss the dark side of the Yellow Oligarchs.

Real Talk: Thinking Class may be leftist or prolly a form of Yellow propaganda.

Eh hindi ko na nga pinatulan ang TANGINA THIS! dahil nga kumpirmadong leftist ang mga iyan. Leftist-rationalist, ika nga.

Yeah right, call me a Marcos apologist of some sort, however, Thinking Class is the real dumbass. Mas matatalino ang mga admins ng Showbiz Government (to think they’re whiners) pati mga writers ng GRP.

Baka mahilig maglagi ang mga elitista ng Filipino Freethinkers sa Thinking Class o TANGINA THIS page.

Or prolly the elitistas of FF are admins of the Thinking Class page.

Truth to be told, it should never be called the “Thinking Class” page. Dapat ang tawag diyan, “Nagpapaka-elitista” page or “Yellow Media Lovers” page. Anong thinking class ang meron diyan? And yet, they said walang nakapansin sa pagbisita ni Akie Abe sa Payatas?

Fuck! I think the admins of Thinking Class rely heavily on mass media! How ironic, the admins there manage a “Thinking Class” page, but their Critical and Logical Thinking skills are dubious.

Critical and Logical Thinking skills is something that cannot be fully-nourished by the elitistas. Elitistas are mostly self-righteous, cocky know-it-all people who may have exceptionally high IQ, but speaking of EQ, they fall down.

And I’ll tell you this: Chiz Escudero is a primary example of a cocky know-it-all and an intellectual elitist at the same time. No wonder, nasira pangalan ni Heart Evangelista dahil sa pagpapakasal sa kanya.

Alright–if Donald Trump is a primary example of being an elitist (seasoned, actual and of course, legit), then Chiz is almost becoming one. You see, these elitistas and shittakaburi (know-it-alls) get along together in one day, but on the next day the snub one another. That’s one primary example of using one another!

If the shittakaburi are crap, then the intellectual elitistas are much worse! Therefore, Thinking Class page is a cocky know-it-all, kissing the asses of the elitistas!

Buti pa nga ang GetRealPhilippines, marami pa tayong natutunan sa kanila. Call them somewhat elitista (granted, many of them are elitistas since they bashed Harvey Campos for bringing the Filipino obsession on Showbiz towards Singaporean strongman LKY), however, in other aspects I admire them.

Side Note: The elitistas are using cultural relativism in a wrong manner. If someone is a white celebrity, they will bash the interviewer if there’s awkawrdness, esp. if he/she’s Filipino or any other Asian, but when an American interviewer brings sarcastic jokes to an interviewee and the latter reacted negatively, the latter is being bashed. Puh-leeze! If bragging is bragging, then worse, being rude is still rude. The elitistas of GirlTalkers bashed Cara Delevingne for being “rude” to the Good Day Sacramento interviewers, but these interviewers for me ridiculed Cara. While on the Ricky Lo hulabaloo? Don’t gemme started with that! These elitistas in GirlTalk (and FP-tards–FP-tards not spared! FP himself is an elitist trying to twist values) applauded Anne Hateaway for her rudeness. Buti nga kay Anne Hathaway, she’s a has-been. I never congratulated her when she’s going to have her first child, like what I did to KubetAA (I actually congratulated Marian Rivera and Miho Kanno instead–at least they deserve to become mothers). The elitistas may call me a “moralist” in some way, however, these elitistas have twisted values.

Teaching them to be rude because they’re half-white? Or because they have white skin and somewhat East Asian features? As a matter of fact, these elitistas are rude because they’re blessed with aristocratic features, yet speaking of their manners, I think the whites dislike them. It’s not because of their looks–the whites actually despise elitism. They easily get tired of the elitism the media shoves upon them. Also, the whites do not look up to these elitistas is because, they think that those with native looks are less ma-ere. Mother Dragoness attested that ni-Vanuatu people are free from elitism–meaning to say that their lives are simple.

No wonder, Mother D looks down on Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian–but the worst would be Jocelyn Wildenstein. For Mother D, being a socialite is “vomit-worthy.” Totoo nga naman. The term “socialite” is referring to an elitista who thinks about nothing but luxury. Thing is, Kim K, Paris and Posh do not fall under that category.

Speaking of the shittakaburi, they define the worth of a person based on the number of friends they have. Quantity for them matters–so meaning to say, statistics is more important than quality control.

However, quality control is more vital compared to statistics. It’s simply preferring morals over obedience is because, obedience is similar to being a sheep for life–obedience is making one gullible to the requests of unworthy entities surrounding him. Morals, however, are things that support your lifetime principles. So “moralism” here will be used in a critical manner.

The elitistas will twist morals by using cultural relativism in a wrong manner. Proof? I gave you examples. Worse, they will portray Cory Aquino as a saint, while in fact the Roman Catholic Church hasn’t confirmed any Cory-based miracle just yet.

And yet, they use the RCC to oppose divorce and insist on annulment still staying expensive and the 5-years effective period. Some of them are closet hypocritical Satanists. Oh, I guess they deny the existence of the Illuminati since they think that pure scientific basis is GOD.

They don’t have a sense of humanity. They don’t have a sense of patriotism, environmentalism and the worst would be the fact that they do not have a sense of moral values. Mother D is right: The elitists are scums.

So please, if you spot a shittakaburi, better be careful and distance yourself. They’re the most toxic people you’ll ever meet–aside from the elitistas. The shittakaburi and elitistas are known for their… elitism. Don’t forget their so-called superiority complex–esp. the élite Chinese community who seem to be wealthy, yet belong to the fuerdai. Many elitistas in FF and GT are prolly belonging to the noveau riche class of the fuerdai–who are worse than social climbers. After all, the term “fuerdai” is pertained to the young generation who have the money and luxury good, but lack class and breeding.

Yet these fuerdai-like elitistas bash Jeane Napoles. Yeah, Jeane may have burned our taxes, but that doesn’t mean she should answer to all these money matters. She was blinded by Janet Lim-Napoles–but the elitistas? They’re not blinded figuratively, or raised to be spoiled brats. However, their attitudes make them elitistas that they are now–worse than the shittakaburi.

The elitistas are like the shittakaburi–only much worse. Imagine living with them. It’s simply like living in hell.


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