Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa mga racists gaya niyo!


Kung racist ang manlait sa mga kamukha o kasing-hitzu ni Jejomar Binay, mas RACIST parin ang makapag-CHING CHONG sa harapan ng mga chinito/singkit, o ‘di kaya’y mga Silangang Asyano (included na doon ang mga Russong singkit, mga singkit o mga Gitnang Asyano na may lahing Mongol).

May double standards din kaya tayo pagdating sa mga puting masisingkit. Well, hindi naman considered singkit iyun, pero kung magkataon, singkit sila kapag nakatira sila sa Northern Hemisphere. YES, as in Arctic Circle ang eksaktong pook.

Yes, I’m talking about people like Bjork.


You could CHING-CHONG right in front of me, but please make sure you know how to distinguish the languages and the alphabet systems of East Asia and Northern parts of Asia (Central Asia and parts of the entire Russian Federation where Russians of Asian descent dwell). If you cannot distinguish the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Mongolian included), then fucking shame on you!

If you think that China, Japan and Korea are just one and the same country and nation, then it’s a huge F-U-C-K-Y-O-U to you! Also, calling the Great Wall of China, the “Great Wall of Japan,” it’s fucking ignorance. Enough of calling Western civilization as “superior” compared to Asian culture. Even Westerners are fascinated with the beauty of Asian culture.

If you want to get yourself educated, better read sociology, anthropology, social psychology and history! Pwede ring social biology, or check out zetaboards regarding RACE, so that you will open your mind wholeheartedly.


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