Of course, you don’t want your children to be like Nancy Binay, right?

Yet dainty women will always justify that it’s better to be butini-looking since they go gaga over Western culture.

Tapos diring-diri naman sila sa mga Silangang Asyano. It’s such a shame that they find East Asian looks “ugly,” to think not all East Asians possess rugged features that are mostly seen in the PRC.

Hindi baleng Chinese mestizo ang makakatuluyan ng mga Spanish mestiza, since after all, it’s refreshing to see a chinitang mestiza who is well-endowed. White guys do not only look for butini looks–for as long as it’s Asian, they look up to it.

I dunno why many dainty women who are blessed with Spanish mestiza looks root for someone like Jejomar Binay. Kumbaga ganito, most of them go gaga over butini looks because it’s simple: They have poor and cheap taste. And yet, they call alpha females preferring mestizang chinitas, pretentious.

No wonder, I prefer the looks of Grace Lee, Cathy Yap-Yang, Nina Kodaka, Iwa Moto and other chinitas. Kesa naman Nancy Binay ang hitzu, ‘no!

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