Kaya nagiging Butt of all Jokes ang Pilipinas dahil sa kabobohan ng nag-iisang pambansang HITAD na si Kristulo Puquino!

Pasintabi po kay Kristulo, hindi po Miss World o Miss Universe ang event, ah. APEC Luncheon po ang event na iyan. And you’re dealing with APEC Leaders’ spouses!

Putang Ina! Hindi ako magtataka kung tatawaging “disgrace” ang maging isang Cojuangco-Aquino.

Well… being a Cojuangco-Aquino is a huge disgrace to the Filipino community. Hindi po bayani’t santo ang angkan nila. Pwede po ba? Kailan ba naging bayani’t santo ang isang err… descendant ng mga historical figures na tinataguriang traydor.

Gaya ng sabi ko, kumusta naman maging APO SA TUHOD nila Servillano Aquino’t Ysidra Cojuangco na traydor sa bayan?

Hindi ka bayani kapag ang ninuno mo ay si Servillano Aquino. At mas lalo kang hindi santa kapag ninuno mo eh, si Ysidra Cojuangco. Look at Danding, Tonyboy… almost every Cojuangco. Oh ‘diba, traydor si Danding kay Macoy?

So please, to the Yellowtards, how did Ninoy become a hero, same when Cory become a saint? Well, my advice to you is that, stop reading history textbooks. Stop watching ABS-CBN. Stop reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer and start switching to The Manila Times. Avoid any forms of Yellow Media. Start appreciating the Internet (but first, learn how to read and write through pen and paper), while being a bookworm. Start liking Showbiz Government and The Truth about Philippines on Facebook. Better like my page (Komi Says Memes – 古美門研介) or Roxy on a Beast Mode.

I highly recommend The Manila Times because their Opinion section is awesome.

And please… I discourage you to read GirlTalk forums (femalenetwork.com/girltalk) and it’s best not to join Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements] FB group.

That is why I would always recommend websites that are not infested with ELITISM. Elitism is NOT a bad word, but for the elitistas, it IS a bad word.

Now it’s up to you if you think I have credibility.

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