TO ALL Dainty Women:

Utang na loob! Huwag niyo nang patulan ang mga BINAY-ing tao. Pwede ba!?

You typical promdis with a semi-elitistic type of traditional-conservative mentality contributes to your narrow-mindedness. Putang ina naman, oh! If you’re only going to live in the city, drop your traditional shit mentality and start acting like a city person!

Worse, is when you obsess on European/Western looks but you end up falling for a BINAY! Tapos you find East Asians “ugly,” “cold,” “hindi karinyoso” and all that shit! Now stop making hasty generalizations on East Asians, especially Southeast Asians who are ethnic East Asians. Granted, East Asians, particularly the Chinese have rugged features, yet I have a question: Jet Li won’t be a heartthrob, if you will judge his looks based on his race/ethnicity, right? Also, ‘yung mga kinababaliwang mga miyembro ng F4, hindi naman sila sisikat kung hindi naman dahil sa anyo nila, hindi po ba?

In short, your favorite K-Pop superstar or J-Pop idol won’t be well-known, if not for their good looks.

Now this is my conclusion: Dainty women have such poor and cheap taste! Hindi baleng BINAY-in ang mga hitsura, for as long as karinyoso sila’t klosetang palikero! Kesa naman sa mga Silangang Asyano.

Well FYI, East Asian people are far mor karinyoso and excellent in child-rearing compared to the typical “preference” of the typical dainty promdi woman. Kaya karamihan sa mga asawa ng mga kalalakihang Chinoy, matatapang, kahit hindi naman ka-level ni Tita Bisaya. Usually, alpha females fall for East Asians since if you’re taking a closer look, contrary to popular belief, East Asians residing in Southeast Asia have higher chances of supporting their children’s interests–which you can never find in the “tipo” ng mga dainty women.

No wonder, I have more confidence getting along with promdis who are open-minded (actually hindi ko na sila tinatawag na promdi–probinsyano po ang tawag namin doon), and city people (mga taong siyudad/taong lungsod). Dami kasi sa mga dainty promdi women eh… makikitid ang mga kaisipan. Masyadong fixated sa family tradition–which is obviously rejected by city standards. Tandaan, dainty promdi women should be adapting the lifestyle of city people because I swear to God, they will be secretly discriminated against if they still continue to impose their provincial mentality towards city people, especially the millienials.

If you’ll notice, I would always prefer Gelli De Belen or Katrina Halili over Shalani Soledad or Tootsy Angara. Nothing against the latter two, but I will always find strong, alpha females who could survive a macho world more interesting. Hindi baleng misis mo si Tita Bisaya (Ka Eddie loves it, BTW!), for as long as you’re guarded. Dainty women are simply coward wimps like how Mon Confiado portrayed Emilio Aguinaldo in the film, Heneral Luna. Yeah, cold person on the outside but the wimpiness is radiant.

Now don’t gemme wrong with that!

No wonder, dainty women make unsuccessful children. Siguro, dainty women are raised to become sheep, or prolly lack of wisdom runs through their veins. That is why alpha females tend to raise children succesfully. Look at the following: Gosiengfiao sisters, Tricia Gosingtian, the Padilla sisters (esp. Kylie), et cetera. Isn’t it more refreshing if your mom’s an alpha female archetype while your dad’s a laid-back person of East Asian descent? Kaya pala, I look up to the Gosiengfiao sisters (the angas side of Ashlita ang Alodita’s patweetums persona) since they serve as an inspiration to many people.

No wonder, mga Pilipinang asawa madalas ng mga Hapones, matapang din. This makes me think that East Asians would rather choose an alpha female over a dainty woman. Baka mabagot pa sila kay Tootsy’t Shalani, and would rather find interest in Katrina Halili and Gelli De Belen.

Now I said it.

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