Throw Back Thorsday: GirlTalkers attacking me for my honesty.

Teh, hindi naman ako alagad ni Mother Dragoness. Besides, supporter lang naman ako niya, eh.

Granted, baliw naman talaga si Mother Dragoness–she admitted that she isn’t ashamed to be “crazy,” but to be honest, I find her tirades rather entertaining, even though she hates government officials (all of them! She actually thinks every politician in the world are scums).

Offensive lang!? That is because you guys call Maegan an ingrate brat! Eh halatang disgruntled na nga ang tao, lalaitin niyo pa! As if naman, your socialite status, aristocratic features and simple academic achievements will make you classier and mannered. Well, mas may class pa nga si Mother D kesa sa inyo, that’s why she’s able to brag that she lived in the States for ALMOST 12 years, but she has travelled to over 40 countries using her Filipino passport–and think about this: She lived in the States through a green card, but her sons are US citizens by birth.

In short, she didn’t underwent the process to become an American citizen!

Unlike the rest of you, you flaunt your navy blue first-world passport, but you’re actually ashamed to show to the world that you still have to bring biscuits and instant noodles when you travel abroad with visa-free privileges. Also, you might be ashamed as well on just living with someone else in a foreign country, eh may hotel naman.

Aminin niyo, madalas ganito kayo!

Klosetang poorita lang, ‘no? To think you show yourselves to us as socialites. Yeah, maraming kakilalang socialite pero ‘yun lang.

Swerte nga kayo, you live a life of the socialites. However, you can never be as classy and intelligent as Rima Ostwani, who is a pure foreigner by blood but holds Filipino and Spanish citizenship (Philippine-born, part-Spanish). At least, Rima is sosyal, classy and possesses the same characteristics as Imee Marcos. Also, why idolize the Yellow Oligarchs, eh to be honest mas mukha namang sosyal sina Ka Imee at Madam Irene? Granted, Irene has a “manang” sense of fashion, yet still regal. Magmumukhang kawawa ang mga damit kapag ipasuot iyan sa mga kapatid nila Kris at PNoy!

#RealTalk iyan!

Eh classy kamo ang mga Yellow Oligarch sisters? Hell no! Classy siguro dahil mayaman, eh strip off the Audrey Hepburn styles they sport, mukha silang julalay ng mga Marcos! Eh Ka Imee still manages to wear yuppie outfits pa nga, eh! To think anim na dekada ang edad niya!

And speaking of Philippine Tatler, the Imee Marcos cover with the red dress? Mabuti na nga ang pula, and I don’t think it symbolizes blood. Kung si Kristulo pa ang covergirl diyan, same pose with Ka Imee but the dress is Yellow… nagiging shit na lang ang Philippine Tatler mag. ‘Yun na!

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