Attention to ALL self-righteous, cocky know-it-alls and elitistas who hate the Marcoses and admire the Yellow Oligarchs, and to the following:

– Leftist groups like TANGINA THIS! and Thinking Class of the Philippines

– The elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers and GirlTalk (esp. to the fantards of the Yellow Oligarchs)

– Jim Paredes and Cynthia Patag

– The sheeps of the anti-Macoytards

…and the list goes on.

I don’t think, there’s a need to explain what this means. If you have questionability in Critical and Logical Thinking abilities, then suck it up.

The Yellow Oligarchs are a bunch of scums. How many times should I reiterate!? For the Nth time, NOTHING beats the word of mouth. Can’t think outside the box!? Wake the fuck up, guys! These Yellow scums are the worst human rights violators than you could ever imagine. Why not ditch reading Inquirer and watching ABS-CBN? Better off if you would rather have no Internet at all. Mas marami pa ngang substance sa Internet, eh! Tapos hindi niyo pa napapakinabangan ng maayos.

In short, you take that “human rights” for granted.

And many Marcos haters are either self-righteous or people who lack class and breeding.

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