Never Again to the Yellow Oligarchs!

Disclaimer: Credits to the owner of the photo.

And just in case the elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers and GirlTalk will take this against me, I would rather take this shit against them.

The never-ending harshtags on #APECtado and #trAPEC shows the painful reality of living under the Tyranny (READ: Tyranny) of the Yellow Oligarchs

The Yellow Oligarchs are a bunch of scums! Recently, Intramuros is on a lockdown, only for the presidential sisters to tour the APEC Leaders’ Spouses around the 4-decade old walled city.

Holy crap. This made me effing cringe. Someone told me that even though you are from the media, you may feel comfort and coziness inside the International Media Center, but sorry, you won’t actually feel liberated there. You’re actually under the compounds of restrictions imposed by the police because the Yellow Oligarchs ordered every police in NCR to give the best safety and security to the delegates and world leaders.

Ganito ba ka-garapal ang mga Kampong Dilaw!?

The pro-Marcos and even non-Marcos fans who despise the Yellow Oligarchs are right: The Yellow Oligarchs are a bunch of self-serving, pretentious and vindictive scums who should have not ruled the country eversince. TBH, that EDSA I revolution that the elitistas are clamoring!?


That 1986 EDSA revolution is a fucking mistake! Utang na loob naman, mga elititistwatards ng FF pati GT, they’re BOBO enough to support the Yellow Oligarchs. Funny that our country is showing homage towards a traitor who used the communists for his personal gain, while we actually call a farmer-killing haciendera whose ancestor is one of the National Heroes’ lovers, a saint.

And so, you will still not complain and show pretentiousness to our delegates to show the false beauty of NCR!?

Be honest, guys. Why should we sacrifice the freedom and comfort to our own citizens and whitewash shit only to show that the Philippines is likeable to world leaders!? Hindi na bago ‘to, since DSWD hid the street children during the papal visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.

Please lang. Show the real beauty of the Philippines. Do not show how we make Filipinos suffer while foreigners are being comfortable. Baka i-balita na naman tayo ni Anderson Cooper niyan!

The Yellow Oligarchs are NOTHING but a bunch of scums

I still don’t get it why the elitistas of Filipino Freethinkers and GirlTalk (whom we expect to be paragons of intellectualism and wisdom) worship these scums. Are these Yellow Oligarchs “special” and “regal” people!? Kapal ng mukha, nagpa-lockdown ng buong Intramuros para lang sa “kaligtasan” ng mga world leaders.

No wonder, those who are loyalists and new fans of the Marcoses condemn these acts of hypocrisy. Yeah right, the elitistas would call the Marcos fans “apologists,” yet do these elitistas freaking think outside the box!? Fuck, the elitistas of FF and GT (FP-tards NOT spared!) are guilty offenders of sheep mentality!

The Filipino Freethinkers are supposed to be outside-the-box thinkers and should know better. Freethought is not being a sheep all your life, using Critical and Logical thinking capabilities maximized to the core.

Ngayon, ang impression ko sa kanila ay ganito: Sinasamba nila mga Yellow Oligarchs, they mock religion and glorify atheism like fuck, klosetang supporters ng LaVeyan Satanism, they deny the existence of the Illuminati, they’re closet anarco-leftists, they only care about the latest video games and luxury cars, they only care about themselves–but speaking of how real CEOs and pro gamers succeed, they have no idea on how they view things.

And yes, most of them are self-righteous, cocky know-it-alls at the same time! Know-it-all na nga, elitista pa! Punyeta!

It’s even funny why they hate everything Filipino. In short, the elitistas do not have a sense of patriotism. Todo sipsip sa Imperyalismo ng Estados Unidos, tapos todo-puri pa sa pagsamba ng Yellow Ribbon!

And they want to have a navy blue passport and would rather make the Philippines an American territory.

If you want the Philippines to be an American territory, then you’re being stupid. That makes you LESS patriotic. I heard that Hawaiians want to become fully independent from U.S. sovereignty.

Haha. The elitistas aren’t needed in our society. They impose the social norms, they also isolate themselves from the common people. Ask the execs of Kapamilya network!


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