I really feel sorry for the French people in France right now, esp. in Paris. WTF has happened to the country whose language has been the language of diplomacy for decades before the English language has been adopted as the de facto lingua franca of the world?

The French culture has been deteriorating ever since they expressed hatred towards the Muslims. Also, it seemed that French colonies suffered worse than Spanish colonies is because: Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam fall into the hands of communism. At least in Asia, I ain’t really sure about Africa and the Americas, tho.

There may have been attacks in the United Kingdom, but not as often as France. Norway once had the unexpected attacks (to think it’s one of the most peaceful countries in the world), but it’s a rare thing. Netherlands? Never heard of any attacks there.

So that means, the French system has been replaced by the English system. Sad to hear that one of the most revered cultures have been stained by an unfortunate series of events.

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