The anarchists and leftists are always more substantial than the elitistas. #fact

Speaking of the anti-Marcos groups, I actually discriminate the elitistas and dumbed-down Noytards, but NOT the leptistas and the anarkistas.

The anarchists and leftists give me a good impression that they don’t attack the wall of the Loyalists. They simply post on their own walls that, “We are anti-Marcos.”

Sila naman kasi, elitista ang tingin nila sa mga Marcoses. I have no qualms naman with the anarkistas since they advocate freedom of expression and information, and they strongly loathe corporate culture. Also, they hate the elite society.

However, I cannot help but have mixed feelings towards the leptistas.

Una sa lahat, nagpapagamit sila sa mga elitista. How ironic is to see them being fucked up by the elitistic Yellow Oligarchs. Oo nga, nagpapakantot lang? I don’t see the point.

Oh well, moving on…

The anarkistas and leptistas still give me a good impression for many reasons: They have more substance. They’re more simple and dignified, as compared to the elitistas. Mas madaling kausap, at saka speaking of high society, they actually look down on it. For them, “elitism” is an attitude type that talks about discriminating simple things that aren’t posh or high-end enough.

Oh yeah. Simply put, they don’t want to be called a socialite.

Buti pa nga sila, marami pang natutunan sa kanila eh… which is something that you don’t get from the elitistas.

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