CONFIRMED: The usernames ejxtwo, momxfive and jjqxiv are one and the same poser.

Alright, so I do apologize for degrading the GirlTalkers for their skepticness regarding the same person.

Chujav of GirlTalk said:

“First of all, I apologize for creating a dummy account to post in this thread. But you will soon know the reason after You read this.

To make up stories is one thing, but to pretend to be someone else is just so wrong. Reading the comments above, a lot of sisters here are saying na wala namang mawawala kung hindi man totoo ang posts ni TS. In the case of momxfive and ejxtwo, yes, wala pong mawawala, affected lang tayo because nakiramay tayo sa kanila.

Now, the case of jjqxiv is another matter. She is pretending to be councilor Jocelyn Quintos of the City of Manila. Proven poser na yan. May nagtanong na kay konsehala. She even created an FB profile for the councilor and her four children. How meticulous is that? Imagine how patient jjqxiv for logging in to FB using konsehala’s fake name, then log out of FB and then log in again using one of the councilor’s children’s fake account just to like and comment on the original post? Oh, and one of the councilor’s daughter is also named mikee.

What jjqxiv is doing is identity theft. Kaya ingat tayo dito mga sisters. This is also the reason why I opted not to post using my original account.

I believe that momxfive, ejxtwo and jjqxiv is one and the same person. She started her story in smartparenting forum. She was busted there dahil sa inconsistent stories nya. And yes, mayaman, problem with husband, twins.

Piece of advise to you, itigil mo na Hija. Malalaki na ang anak namin, ganyan ka pa rin. You are creating a web of lies and sa totoo lang, naging careless ka. You gave yourself away.

Pour your creative juices in wattpad or tumblr or something. Stop wasting your time making people feel sorry for you. Stop pining to be someone you’re not. Be content on what you have.”

OMG, like MSP, I was also fooled.

Jusko, to that poser pala, gawa ka na lang kaya ng pocketbook. I am sure, mas angkop pa ang mga kwento mo doon kesa sa mga forums.

Overall, the moral is: These stories are eye-opening. However, making up these stories is fucking bogus. Dude, baby-maker ka ba? Binenta mo ba ang sarili mong katawan para lang pagpiyestahan ka ng mga lalaking kinantot mo?

Wala lang.

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