Pathtub: Fashion Pulis and the FP-tards

UNTOLD: Komi’s Impression towards FP (first ba or last? lol)

1.) An elitist, attention-seeking, rumor-monging blogger who happens to be a Lasallian professor – Hahaha, that is why may kasabihang, “Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.” Elitists in GirlTalk hate FP to the core because of his schemes to garner attention. However, a lot of elitists in GirlTalk are NOT even aware that they themselves are stooping in FP’s level. Almost cheap to the core, I thought they’re social climbers who (sadly) come from posh and/or prestigious tertiary academic institutions.

2.) The elitist, social-climbing FP-tards – Hahaha, need I say more? They’re the cheapanggang social-climbing counterpart of the elitists in GirlTalk. Holy Fuck, like these FP-tards have this so-called sheep mentality, a contagious disease that is carried by the elitists themselves.

3.) Fake accounts and anon FP-tards c/o FP – LOL! Need I say more? FP is sooooo biased, I am much better than him. I am straight to the point unlike that pretentious scumbag (well, I do hate him sometimes, but I kinda agree with him if there’s no bias in his BIs).

Alam niyo bang minsan, nababanas rin ako kay FP dahil nga, binira niya si Sir Chief? Also, like most elitists in GirlTalk, he’s also an apologist of rude Western celebrities (check the other Pathtub) and of course, homewreckers, cheaters and man-stealers, and dainty women. OMG, like to be an apologist of Anne Hathaway (rude Western celebrity), Majarot and KubetAA (homewrecker/man-stealer) and Sunshine Cruz (dainty woman)? ¡Hijo de Puta! It means that I will have very low standards and also having poor and cheap taste at the same time!

Kung may natamaan siguro sa mga posts ko sa senyorkomikado (esp. the elitists), gawa na lang kayo ng bagong blog. ‘Yung kayo-kayo lang ang sasamba sa mga pinagtatanggol niyong mga dubyosong tao… ‘yun lang!

#NoSenseOfValues #ElitistaNgaNaman

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