CToTShorts: Mary Jane Veloso versus Elitism

By @msp.angieloude of Instagram (NOTE: She no longer uses Twitter)

I am afraid that Mary Jane Veloso will be slated for execution again.

To the critics of Nanay Celia: If you guys think she’s ingrate to PNoy, to be honest, you do not understand the side of the poor people when it comes to dealing with politicians coming from wealthy elite families, esp. oligarchs. The reason why I do not trust the current administration is because I have learned that the Yellow Oligarchs have a bloody past… which means that elitism is really rooted from their history–the bloody coup plus the untold human rights violations during the Cory period. That is why to that FFreethinker who said that Mary Jane deserves to be executed, go visit the slums yourself and see what the real thing’s happening.

I am very ashamed of the fact that ELITISTS in social media are “too afraid” to visit the slums, seeing what really happens to people who are really dirt poor. Kasehodang nakasakay lang sa kotse ‘tsaka hindi pa nakasubok sumakay ng public transpo (jeep, bus, taxi or train), they simply flaunt their Lamborghini’s or their Bugatti V’s or their luxury cars while violating traffic rules.

It shows that the elites care more about the life of that half-Dutch whore/slut who conspired parricide over a framed woman who’s now slated for execution. Oh my. I guess the elite conspiracy between the Oligarchs and the CIA (of course, controlled and regulated by the Illuminati) is still strong, many elitists protect Illuminati by denying its existence. I guess we should educate the dumbed-down masses in order for them to appreciate intellectualism and know the reality beyond poverty and corruption that’s rampant in the country… not only within NCR but also OUTSIDE of it.

NOTE: Hindi po ako nagsulat niyan… haha!


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