To my elitist haters: Please read

Pasintabi na lang sa mga elitistang social climber, wala kayong ginawa kundi sirain ang buong Pilipinas.

Anything in Random, by MSP


Yonde kudasai.

1.) You don’t deserve a high end product at the first place – I’m not actually alone when it comes to posting gadgets on Facebook. Truth is, you’re only making a laughing stock out of yourself when it comes to bashing people. Wait, I have not posted a receipt of my tuition fee on Facebook, and yet you create stories about that. WHAT. A. SHAME.

2.) Your attitude resembles a typical social-climbing skank – Now look who sounded MORE CHEAP to the core. You dress like whores in a formal party. And yes, that’s what makes you less classy than I am.

3.) Your logical thinking patterns are questionable – Seriously, do you guys even deserve to be in the Dean’s List at the first place? Also, don’t get started with your aristocratic features. You may brag these things, but what’s it worth if you have nothing to…

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