Elitism is a SCUM!

To those self-righteous, know-it-all and dimwitted elitists:

There are many hypocrites in FF*censored*, tbh. If we state the raw facts about the Aquino-Cojuangco family, many elitists easily get offended. Kasehodang karamihan sa kanila, galing sa mga alta sociedad na pamilya o ‘di kaya’y angkan. If they think that it’s offensive to say that Offending Religious feelings with intention makes a person a dumb atheist, then they have no right to say that stating the facts about the Aquino-Cojuangcos is offensive as well.

#KomiSays: To be honest, no one has the right to be offended when Manila Times gives a lot of statements against the Aquino-Cojuangco family. So to speak, Cory may be dead, but she deserves to be dead! Not to sound like glorifying someone’s death, but to glorify traitors and oligarchs is simply causing lack of patriotism towards the Philippines.

Seriously, elitists do not have a sense of patriotism at all. Also, they don’t also have a sense of harmony and delicadeza within their inner conscience–therefore, their bodies are always full of HATE.

Side Note: Sorry to say, Elitism in the Orient Pearl is not yet finished. Just in case you want to be part of the book, better click here.

Elitists also have a sense of egoism within them. So to speak, there’s a harshtag called, #EgoismIsElitism. Egoism = Elitism. Sadly, many people are too dimwitted or retarded to realize that.

#RealTalk on Elitists in Cyberspace: You don’t deserve the Internet, what more with democracy?

Many elitists do not deserve democracy. I bet, they’re the ones who define democracy as “throwing garbage on the streets,” “spitting on the rivers,” “peeing on the grass” and most of all, saying F*** you to traffic lights. Instead of educating dumbed-down people from remote areas, they belittle and underestimate them. Sa Tagalog, madamot sila sa kanilang “talino” kuno.

These elitists are a bunch of hypocrites who need to be wiped out from the face of the Earth! They are ALL SCUMS!

Mother Dragoness’ take on elitists

Even though she hates ALL politicians (Miriam and BongBong, este the Marcoses are not even spared, she even dumped Ka Rody, calling him “incompassionate”), Mother Dragoness cannot be called an elitist since she’s not even snobbish. To become an elitist, you must be consistently snobbish (or you should have a snobbish personality), to the point that you are not forgiving, making head-to-foot stares towards people who do a lot of bad things without hurting others. If elitists hate Cristine Reyes, sadly, she was easily forgiven, alongside Maja Salvador, because elitists forgive and still admire dubious people with a dubious background. They have no sense of values. Oo nga pala, walang sense of delicadeza ang mga elitista, kaya they have the nerve to hate on Lolo Pogi while they have the nerve to admire ChaKim/SaKim. Hindi pa kasama ang logical thinking nila, ah.

Here are Mother Dragoness’ take on elitists:

IMPORTANTENG BABALA – Maraming naglalagay ng komento sa pahinang ito dahil ‘public viewing’ po ang setting ng dingding ko. Malapit po ang puso ko sa pangkaraniwang tao. Ayoko sa mga taong elitista at pasosyal. Wala po akong pakialam kung mayaman o mahirap ang isang tao, basta siya ay totoo.

HINDI PO nilalait dito ang mga mahihirap at pangkaraniwang tao. Ang nilalait dito ay ang di maktarungang gobyerno ng Pilipinas at ang mga alagad nito. Binabatikos din po dito ang mga taong makikitid ang utak, mga taong ignorante, mga taong plastic, mapanghusga, matapobre at mabababaw. Kung ayaw niyo sa mga komento dito, pakiusap lumayas kayo. Sa Ingles, READ MY LIPS – F*CK OFF NOW!

Hahaha. No wonder, elitists on FFreethinkers and GirlTalk HATE Mother Dragoness. Sa totoo lang, I prefer those who dance with common people. After all, you learn a lot from common people, regardless of their social status. Mapa-mahirap, mapa-mayaman, basta BUKAS ang pag-iisip at hindi makitid ang utak, swak na ‘yun. Ang mga binabatikos ko ay ang mga hypocrites ng bayan. Gaya na lang ng mga religious people na mapang-mata sa kapwa tao. So to speak, atheists should lambast religious people who shove their beliefs to other people mercilessly and to those people who do not do good to their fellowmen. If they ever lambast religious people who do good to their fellowmen, then that’s crossing the line.

Mga matronang elitista na tadtad ng retoke, kayong mga pasosyal na nagta Taglish. Nagta Taglish kayo kasi di kayo marunong mag Ingles ng tama. Di rin kayo marunong mag Tagalog ng tama dahil mga bobo kayo! Plastik mukha niyo, plastik din utak niyo! At huwag na kayong mag feeling mayaman mga pekpek na social climber! Dahil ang totoong may pera DI SUMASAKAY SA EROPLANO NG ECONOMY CLASS MGA PANGET! HA HA! – SHE DRAGON

Showcasing your English-ness while not making sense: FUCK.

Though I disagree with Mother Dragoness when it comes to Economy Class, unless the Economy Class is really boring as fuck. LOL.

Ayoko sa mga elitista. Ayoko sa mg nagta Taglish na pasosyal. Ayoko rin sa mga miyembro kuno ng alta sosyedad. Dahil mababaw at plastik ang karamihan sa mga yan! Di bale na lang mahihirap ang kasama ko basta totoong tao.

Elitists do not realize that it’s wrong to be a social climber. If elitists in GirlTalk lambast Deniece Cornejo and Alodia Gosiengfiao non-stop, like other elitists, these elitists GirlTalkers rather looked CHEAP, much cheaper than Deniece and Alodia.

#RealTalk: Basta makinis ang balat mo, you’re entitled to doing stuff that common people will disapprove. Kahit siguro inis na inis ang mga tao kay Ellen Adarna o Lea Salonga, elitists seem to tolerate them. HA HA! Iba talaga ang impact ng makinis na balat sa mga elitista, ano!? MAGIC SECRET PALA ‘yan! (To think Ellen and Lea are people with delicadeza)

However, I still find it unfair, though. Many GirlTalkers would still forgive Majarot over Ellen. Kadiri much, hindi ba? I think hindi naman tinapakan ni Ellen si Gwen Zamora. Si Majarot, ilang beses kaya siya nang-apak ng ibang tao? Mga elitista talaga, oh. And yet, many of them have the nerve to lambast FP, if they themselves are also like the FP-tards and FP himself.

Another #RealTalk: Pansin ko nga sa GirlTalk, they seem to like plain Janes with good skin over the ones who are not plain Janes with bad skin. Jusko po, paki-tanong lang kay sis @megnita ng Instagram na mas maganda parin si Wendy Valdez kesa kay Mariel Rodriguez at Kitchie Nadal, because if you find the latter two good-looking, you’re like saying that Kareen “Bebo” Kapoor is also good-looking, to think that’s she only blessed with fair, smooth skin but with typical, plain Jane Indian features. I tell you, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Susmita Sen are better-looking!

Dagdag pa ni Mother Dragoness:

Wala along pakialam sa mga mayayaman at elitista. Ako ay pinanganak na probinsiyana at mamatay akong probinsiyana. I am happiest when I’m gardening, when I am working with the earth. Di ako pasosyal at marunong akong maghalo ng buhangin at semento. Mas ikararangal ko na sabihing totoo ako kaysa sabihin nilang mayaman ako. Mas importante ang mga bagay na hindi nabibili ng pera. Mas matalino ako at mas matapang ako kumpara sa karamihan ng tao. Kahit saan ako makarating naka apak ako sa lupa. Basta bitbit ko utak at tapang ko baka gawin ko sila pulutan pag umepal sila sa akin.

Since when did climbing the social ladder become more honorable than farming? Being a farmer is more honorable and a respectable job. Besides, working in the farm or fishing is a simple yet honorable and respected task than to be a CEO of a huge company. Thing is, the government is full of elitist people who prefer to have their own vehicles, live in lavish residences and living the socialite life. Is that ANY of the tasks of a government official!? No wonder, the 1987 Constitution is ratified by the elites, that’s why you’ll notice why I have always doubted the “facts” that Ninoy is a hero, Cory is a saint–since when!? Try to ask people who do not watch ABS-CBN or do not read Inquirer newspaper. I’ll tell you, if you’re successful in ABS-CBN, your bosses will most likely NOT to acknowledge it.

Napaka humble ng mga martial artists. Dati 2 ang gym na pinupuntahan ko, sa Fitness First na kung saan pumupunta ang mga elitista at mayayamang Pilipino. Tapos miyembro din ako ng Elorde gym, bahay ng mga martial artists na Pinoy. 7 years akong member ng Fitness First pero tong taon na to itinigil ko na membership ko doon. Mas gusto kong kasama ang mga totoong tao sa Elorde gym. Thank you for writing me.

Sige, doon na lang tayo sa Elorde Gym. I find Fitness First an elitist-oriented gym.

Side Note: Kung wala kang personality to pull off muscles, if you’re female, then waley. Dapat, you have the personality to flex muscles.

And yes, I have to say that Fitness First for me is not on mah list. Better go to a gym that’s full of honest, concerned and real people, not fakeanese ones. At least, you learn martial arts in Elorde Gym.

#RealTalk: I won’t call someone an elitist if he or she is not a snob. It applies to all.


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