Nakikisawsaw lang: Plain Jane ceramics are absolutely average-looking!


#RealTalk: What Wendy has is aristocratic features… ‘yun nga lang hindi lang siya pinagpala ng aristocratic skin! LOL!

How absolute? You can’t say it’s relative because it’s absolute wahaha!

Sorry guys, but if you think that having smooth and flawless skin = good-looking barefaced despite the plain Jane and far-from-aristocratic features, then you must either be: a.) an elitist. b.) having low standards. c.) having poor and cheap taste.

So to speak, GirlTalkers and other women would find someone good-looking even in person because of their skin, overlooking their plain Jane-ness.

In fact, you don’t need to be makinis and flawless just to look good. Ano pala ang silbi ng iyong Chilonggong balat (aka aristocratic skin) kapag hindi ka naman mukhang aristocratic!?

Pardon me for being mean!

Now I know why I don’t really find Lea Salonga really pretty barefaced… makinis lang din.

Having aristocratic skin doesn’t really make you good-looking, after all. Kapag makita mo mga ibang pics sa Internet, you will just realize na… oo nga. Ano pala silbi ng kutis-maharlika kapag ang features para namang alipin?

LOL, the fair-skinned likes of Kareena Kapoor and Sunshine Cruz are really plain Janes if they’re not maputi and makinis or in English, they’re simply plain Jane if their skin is not aristocratic for the love of humanity. Cristine Reyes and Jennylyn Mercado’s looks only improved because they’re simply plain Janes at the end of the day, no matter how they whiten their skin or they make it smooth. Well, by Filipino standards nga, kung plain Jane ka lang, you really need to be makinis para lang mapansin ka ng mga tao.

#RealTalk: Mas maganda-ganda pa nga si Venus Raj kesa kay Bebo, eh! Dunno, but they say Venus is much better-looking in person, and her dark eyebags compliment her skin tone. What’s the use of white and smooth skin if you look soooooo haggard and sabog with dark eyebags?

Also, basta makinis ang balat mo kahit plain Jane ka naman tapos manang at/o baduy ka manamit, you’re considered as good-looking and simple but elegant!? LOL! ‘Yun ang tinatawag na manang!

Ang kilala kong manang na manang manamit pero hindi naman halata… ay si Irene Marcos-Ayala. She seem too manang in the eyes of mid-aged women or women her age, pero bakit hindi naman halata?

I saw the other posts of MSP in her other blog about Kitchie and yep, super agree that her beauty is not extra-ordinary to get started with. Manang pa manamit. Well, kaya pala siya hindi relevant sa Music TV industry is because she’s not like other artists na kahit simple lang manamit hindi naman mukhang manang or meh ang dating nila. Have you ever seen Ashley Gosiengfiao, Marie Digby and Angela Aki looking “manang” bordering “baduy” when they dress in just shirt and jeans?

Side Note: In fact, daig pa siya ni Shaira Luna. Shaira may no longer be relevant for being famously overrated as a child genius, but she’s an underrated yet well-celebrated photographer–though she’s not good-looking (she’s relatively matured-looking), when she speaks, she speaks with elegance to think na astigin siya manamit.

Sorry guys, Kitchie’s look-alikes Kaye Abad, Lara Quigaman and Venus Raj have stunning features that are far from being plain Jane (to think the latter three are brown-skinned–but they have softer, more aristocratic features). I really don’t get it why maraming gandang-ganda kina Mariel at Kitchie if in fact, their features are as plain as ceramic kitchenware, meaning to say that their features are far from being aristocratic. Lemme share you this. MSP has a cousin-in-law who has aristocratic skin but has the features of an yndio (LOL, pardon me but to the elitists who call some people “mukhang katulong, yaya, maid,” it’s like LOOKING down at maids if in fact some maids are more aristocratic-looking than their amo’s who sometimes have the features of a typical alipin). Kung itatabi lang sa mga may aristocratic features, she’ll surely look like a servant who went to the derma. Pardon for sounding mean, but I don’t see the hype of looking good just because of your skin.

Cristine Reyes is the best example of a plain Jane–she only needs to have aristocratic skin only to be a head-turner. Well, if you will observe her past looks, she really IS a plain Jane, which makes the likes of Claudine Barretto more stunning (I bet Clau has good features plus skin, and I find her better-looking and less umay than Greta).

Jennylyn Mercado is an exception. Sure, she may not be beautiful (LOL gumanda lang siya dahil pumuti) but her features are far from being a typical alipin. Siguro semi-aristocratic features, but she still looks average. What makes her stand out? She’s an excellent actress, and even won an award. She won’t be excellent if she didn’t win in Starstruck.

If you think that Mariel and Kitchie are SUPER pretty without makeup in person, think again: You’re only deceived by the texture of their skin. Their skin’s pretty much like the skin of East Asians that are much envied and revered by many Southeast Asians, and white people alike. In short, good keratin structure transforms very plain Jane features into a stunning goddess. Yes, people like me might find society’s views “exaggerated,” but for them it isn’t really a total exaggeration. For the fucking Nth time, you could look GOOD despite your alipin features because of your aristocratic skin–as in no need to go to the derma and there’s no need for you to have a beauty ritual only to achieve the perfectly-flawless skin.

In short, Kareena “Bebo” Kapoor is NOTHING compared to Aishwarya Rai… and nothing really beats Mrs. Bachchan. Remember, she was Miss World, and because of that, her beauty’s at-par with Susmita Sen. See how great features OUTSHINE great skin?

Well, yes. It really happens. Just so you know, minsan pa nga, you will stare at someone with great features albeit the dry skin, but you’ll overlook the face value of someone who has good skin. Minsan, those who are tan (makinis or not) are better-looking and more titig-worthy than the ones who are maputi’t makinis.

WALA LANG! To the haters of this blog, to those idiots, COMMENTS ARE CLOSED. (: