Beauty is Relative–bakit, may kamag-anak ba ang byuti!?

Like what I said on my Fashbook page:

Si Marian Rivera maganda siya sa Pilipinas, pero sa Spain… napaka-typical lang niya.

Okay, so you mean if Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are in Brazil (or South America/rest of Latin America) or in the Commonwealth of Independent States (e.g., Kazakhstan), they’re typical? Well, it’s possible. Anyways, kung naging artista lang sina Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina or Sabina Altynbekova (well, if they’re actresses instead of being in their current position/s), Hye-kyo noona and Tintin will be considered typical, and so does Ellen Adarna and Yui Aragaki–if you’re going to ask me. But still, at the end of the day, beauty is relative.

It’s no doubt that Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are the perfect faces in Asia, and it’s no doubt that many Filipinas are dying to look like them. But here’s one question: What if they instead are in the countries like Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia…?

There are also some Asian women who are dying to look like Ellen Adarna and Yui Aragaki, but what if they’re also in the same situation?

That would be dangerous. If Marian Rivera is in Spain or Mexico, she would be typical. She should be thankful she lives in Las Islas Filipinas or else, she’ll never be Marian Rivera.

Okay, here’s the situation: What if Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina and Sabina Altynbekova are actresses/celebrities instead of being Internet beauties?

I believe they’ll stand out, and I bet, the likes of Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye-kyo will be typical instead. Same with Ellen Adarna and Yui Aragaki. In fact, mas may star factor pa sina Natalia, Katya at Sabina and they could pass for Hollywood beauties, that even the likes of Jennifer Lawrence are automatically talbog. Even ScarJo and Charlize Theron will lose their title as ethereal beauties. Here, I bet these three beauties from the Soviet Union would compete with Emily Browning, Rosa Kato and Ha Hwang Haiyen. However, the latter three will lose their title as doll faces–if the former three are actresses/celebs instead of being Internet sensations.

Overall, this is my beauty standards. Well, it will change! Hahahahahahaha!


4 thoughts on “Beauty is Relative–bakit, may kamag-anak ba ang byuti!?

  1. Molybdenum Studios

    Nakapagtataka kung bakit gandang-ganda sila kay Mariel at Kitchie, eh ni isang mention lang nila sa “Who do you wanna switch faces for a day?” na thread, WALA! Ibig sabihin nun, many of them think they’re good-looking barefaced because of their skin. See? At least, consistent parin sina TinTin at Jessie Han sa mga threads.

    I agree with you when Tintin and Jessie is surrounded by Soviet beauties. Onga noh? Papano kaya kung naging artista sina Natalia, Katya at Sabina?

    1. pilosopongkomikado Post author

      What more kung nag-artista na lang din si Maria Sharapova? It is evident that maraming mga beauties sa mga former communist states. ‘Di ba, kita mo naman na maraming magaganda sa North Korea?

      Though there are beauties din in South Korea, I think bihira lang sa kanila ang hindi retokada. Pero at least, maayos naman ang pagkagawa. Dunno, why is retoke wrong for some? I don’t buy the fact that it’s wrong to have retoke, for as long as inamin mo at hindi mo siya ikahihiya.

      Dami kasing mga ceramics na no need to retoke kasi nga, sa balat pa lang nila, no need, eh. Kumbaga, confident na sila sa pagiging ceramico. ‘Yun na.

  2. Molybdenum Studios

    Reblogged this on Anything in Random, by MSP and commented:
    #RealTalk on Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye-Kyo: They’ll lose their star factor if Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina and Sabina Altynbekova will become celebs instead of being an online sensation.


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