Bagong Word, Bagong Kowt!

Komi Says: Yes, a new Category has been UNLOCKED. It’s called, “Kutis Komikado.”

New Word: Chilonggo = Chinese Ilonggo – It basically means, a person who has smooth, flawless and glowing skin. Usually, people of East Asian (not necessarily Chinese, nagkataon lang dahil sila ang dominant group) descent are known for their so-called “kutis-maharlika.” Sa Pilipinas naman, usually, ‘yung mga Ilonggo ang may makikinis na balat (applies to Ilonggo people of Visayas and Mindanao, whereas the Ilonggos of Visayas are fair-skinned while the Ilonggos of Mindanao are dark-skinned). So therefore, the term “ceramic” means, a plain-Jane Chilonggo. Feminine term is Chilongga.

New Kowt: “Hindi nakakaganda sa lahat ng pagkakataon ang kaputian at kakinisan ng balat kasi balewala iyan kung pangit ang facial symmetry at MEH lang ang dating ng fez.”

#KomiSays: Many elitists in GirlTalk overlook the fact that being Chilonggo doesn’t translate to having good looks. Basta maganda ang kutis, maganda kaagad sa person, kahit hindi naka-ayos.

Byuti Secret ni MSP

First of all, it’s never wrong to have good skin. Eh ‘di, gamitin mo lang ang gamit na green tea bag, tapos dagdagan mo lang ng honey. Tapos! And don’t forget to immerse yourself in seawater. Oh, and make Kojic Acid ritual your daily habit. See? There you have it.

However, this ritual varies–kung hiyang ka ba o hindi. Sa mga mahilig mag-gluta pero wa epek naman sa balat nila, mag-Kojic acid na lang kayo. At least hindi pa siya nakaka-sira ng kalusugan niyo.

Komi’s Reaction to Society

Having great skin is great, but please don’t ever think that it will automatically make a plain Jane look good. The only reason why Mariel and Kitchie are only beautiful in person barefaced is because of their skin. I don’t think maganda talaga si Mariel without makeup due to her dry features. In short, makinis lang siya at may glow lang ang skin niya, no need to go to the derma. Kitchie’s plain-Jane-ness showed up when she had a skin breakdown while vacationing and performing in the US of A. Therefore, I believe that these two are only typical and ordinary during their student days in DLSU. I mean, matataas kaya ang concentration ng mga magaganda doon, but many of them, I believe are ceramics.

Meanwhile, Wendy Valdez, being a Tamaraw, feeling ko naman popular kid siya doon–siguro popular kid, but in a wrong way. Una sa lahat, she’s like Sam Pinto–nice features but both of them have bad skin. Pansin ko kasi kay Sam Pinto, maganda sana features niya but her skin is sooooo dry, Ellen Adarna ended up slipping her tongue in “Forbidden Questions,” stating that Sam Pinto isn’t that good-looking in person because of her skin.

#RealTalk: Ellen is not that good-looking DAW in person, according to many people. When she’s barefaced kasi, napaka-dry kasi ng features niya, unlike Alodia Gosiengfiao who does not have dry features (to the Komi haters, you have to take note that having a Chilonggo skin is nothing if you have dry features). No wonder, many people from attested that Ellen’s only typical in Cebu. If Sam Pinto will have good skin, I bet she’ll stand out.

Sis megnita agreed with me that Ellen’s beauty is umay-worthy. Karamihan naman kasi sa mga kutis-porselana, they tend to look so typical compared sa mga tanned beauties. Oh, yes. Before I forget, almost every contestant in any beauty pageant who wins the title are often medium- to dark-skinned. I dunno, maybe because it’s healthier?

In some places like the United States, South America and Europe, those who are not-so-makinis are better-looking than their makinis counterparts. No wonder, even in India, Aishwarya Rai is still better-looking than Kareena Kapoor, to think that the latter is a Chilongga (which is rare for many Indians), and to think that the former is also makinis. Aishwarya is tan, but why is she still a goddess? The situation of skin whitening in India is far worse than the Philippines and Thailand. Aishwarya may have lightened her skin, but it’s not really evident. I mean, she never needed that because she’s really stunning even during her Miss World days.

Idol ni MSP si Aishwarya Rai, ah. Buti na lang nagmana sa kanya anak niya (well, she’s basically three years older than Abishek Bachchan).

And it’s also disgusting to say that mas maganda si Julia Barretto than Dominique Cojuangco. Excuses me, the former is just white and that’s it. Her features are plain, compared to Claudine Barretto (I like Claudine’s beauty than Greta’s). Si Claudine talaga ang hindi umay-factor ang byuti. Ang nakaka-awa lang sa kanya, adik siya. Nevertheless, Claudine’s byuti is the true Filipina one. Same with Dominique–‘yun ‘yung hindi kina-career.

#RealTalk: Umay-factor ang pagiging maputi!

LOL, Komi is dark-skinned, but why does he stand out over other Asian men? LOL, if you think he’s typical, ordinary-looking dude, he’s actually underrated. Haha.


3 thoughts on “Bagong Word, Bagong Kowt!

    1. pilosopongkomikado Post author

      Hayaan mo na. Sa bagay, tama na ‘yung may nag-speak out on how they’ll differ from the rest of the people who think that Chilonggo = good-looking.

      1. Molybdenum Studios

        Sa bagay, dami paring mga elitista doon. Mga defensive lang due to the fact that kapag plain Jane na makinis, maganda kaagad? Oh, please. Nobody in GT has the balls to speak up because many of them still have sheep mentality.

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