Announcement + Promotion = Feeling Endorser Lang AH!

Dear All,

Komi is here to promote an upcoming book by Summer Dawn Ravenson who is the author of the book and the Founder and CEO of Molybdenum Studios. Of course, I will thicken my face just to promote this and not only that, I will also be featured in the book as well, provided that I will be as popular as Senyora Santibañez or maybe Princess Sarah (why the fuck are they so popular and I am not!?).

Many miles ago, elitism has existed long before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Elitism has been the scum of history, dividing the gap between the elites (bourgeoise, patrician, maharlika, ilustrado)  and the non-elites (proletariat, plebeian, alipin, yndio). This type of phenomena has been rampant in the Philippines ever since February 25, 1986 when the elites ousted Marcos out of vested interests, plus greed that they feed towards their ego–which is quite dangerous. Now, the author herself is fighting against corruption of the minds of the people through dragging elitism as the main source and the main reason of rampant, bold and vulgar poverty in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos OVERLOOK the true reason why there is poverty. Ever since 1986, the Philippines has been fucked up. Nobody knows the true story behind all the mess… you can’t solely blame someone, or something… except what happened… care of the oligarchs, the elites… otherwise known as the scums.

Oh yes, and don’t worry people. There’s some funny parts in this book that are entertaining, and it’s not only politics that will be tackled right here. Anyways, like one dude (he will remain anon because of the no name-dropping policy lol) said, “Too much politics will leave no room for leadership!” I bet this guy’s also fighting against elitism–or maybe he defied it.

Okay, I have enough of this political circus. Anyways, MSP will bring down some references that will be cited using whatever citation format she will use… she won’t mention it because she wants you to suffer… joke only!

Anyways, this book will also entertain you through and through. There will be lots of things to learn, well… depending upon how you perceive it. It’s only that you have to keep an open mind when reading a biased, non-modified primary source material. You will realize and you will know why elitism is a fucking scum of the planet Earth, and why it should be eliminated by a single gunshot.

Overall, I am a brutal person who loves to promote innocent people, contrary to what people perceive me on television (anyways, I’m the fast-talking, loud-mouthed guy on Legal High who only speaks Japanese, subtitles will be available online and not for sale, LOL). If you want to know more about me (as a meme character), COMING SOON!

With Love,
KOMI (The Anonymous Superstar)


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