Shame on you!

#RealTalk: If you believe that BIR Cheap (not Chief) Kim Henares is more trustworthy than former Chief (yes, Chief for the honest people) Justice Renato Corona… then you are a dumbass fucktard elitist, and I’m not going to apologize for that. It’s like idolizing a dubious person over an honest one, and it shows that you support part of P-Noy’s government.

First off, Kim Henares is dubious, untrustworthy and not even respectable. Elitists in Filipino Freethinkers and dumbass people believe she’s great or whatnot; and they condem CJ Corona for being corrupt.

Excuse my big, fat, sexy arse?

To be honest, CJ Corona is more respectable, honest and doing his job well. HAHAHAHA, when did elitists promote good values? Hell no, you get it all fucking wrong. Even some of those in BBM (BongBong Marcos fans and supporters) is more likely to admire Henares over Corona. SHAMEFUL, isn’t it?

Hahahaha. As if naman malinis si Henares over Corona. PWEH! If you think the former is better than the latter, so you think that Leila “Inday Dada” De Lima, Dinky “Oinky” Soliman, Butch aBAD and Alan POORisima are much more respectable compared to the likes of BongBong Marcos, Miriam D. Santiago, Rodrigo “Ka Rody” Duterte, Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando. Simple as that. (:


One thought on “Shame on you!

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