Now this explains why I really have no sympathy towards Sunshine Cruz, despite being abused by her ex-hubby Cesar Monkey-tano.

According to Ricky Lo’s article:

Several issues ago, Funfare pointed out that the real victims of feuding showbiz couples are the poor children who are caught helpless in the crossfire.

Now, can’t (especially) actress-wives stop themselves from washing their dirty linen in public and do it at the laundry area of their houses? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the actor-husbands who keep mum, for sure to protect the children from brazen public exposure, forced only to open up bit when pushed against the wall.

Hahahaha! I really sense may saltik talaga si Shine. Speaking of which, these FP-tards and GirlTalkers keep on defending and sympathizing with her, to think na nasa loob rin ang kulo niya. Well, when was it cool to post any hinanakit against your ex-husband? Kahit anong ganda ng isang babae, hindi ‘yan kikinang kung puro na lang parunggit ang ipo-post niya sa Facebook, o ‘di kaya sa Instagram.

Netizen icylicious of pinoyparazzi is right. Hangga’t hindi tigilan ni Shine ang pag-post ng hinanakit laban kay Buboy, lalabas at lalabas rin ang mga baho niya.

Anyways, those Shine sympathizers and apologists would call Ricky Lo as “bayaran,” “biased” at saka “sarcastic” when he wrote his article. However, even though Buboy tasted his own dose of karma (hahaha, lumabas na ang pagiging MONKEY-faced niya!), he keeps mum despite being a douchebag.

Wait? In this case, malinis ba talaga si Sunshine Cruz?

I bet, my million-dollar luxury Porsche will say NO to that!

If I know, mas pipiliin ko parin si Mother Dragoness over her. Why? It’s simply because hindi naman talaga kagandahan si Shine (mas maganda ang insan niyang si Sheryl!)–she’s just matured-looking (she’s the same age as Amuro Namie BTW) half-white person with slim body and big boobs. That’s it. She’s the halfie version of James Yap’s Italian girlfriend who isn’t that pretty either. I just think that many GTalkers’ standards are simply… low. Not domineering standards: They have elitist hypocrite standards.

History of Bashing

So to speak, GirlTalkers are pretty much known to have the same mentality as FP-tards and the FFreethinkers (majority of those people–who have an elitist know-it-all mentality)–specially those who stand by on Celebrity Gabfest. Ngayon, siyempre may naka-diskubre ng mga IG posts na ‘yun about Marlene Aguilar showing the bad finger as a meme, right? So, that means that these GirlTalkers are (#REALTALK) no different not only from the FP-tards, but also no different from the PEPsters and the PExers. Marami lang sa kanila ang hindi gumagamit ng logic ang instead insist on these “so-called” family values–quoting Roxyisferox (now BeastModeRoxy).

And yes, they keep on bashing Marlene and Maegan instead of bashing Jovietlog Albao. Now let me get this clear: Maegan lately told Face the People that she was close to Ka Freddie not until Jovietlog came and complain and shit and the rest goes on. The outcome: Ka Freddie is UNDER DE SAYA of Jovietlog.

And why are they calling Jason Ivler a criminal? Yes, he may have committed a crime and granted that he’s a felon, but does that mean he’s a psycho?

The Aguilars didn’t like Ka Freddie’s decision. At saka nakuha ni Mother Dragoness ang loob ko tungkol sa pagpapakasal ni Ka Freddie kay Jovietlog.

Back to Topic

Maya_65 of PEP said:

But on the other side of the equation, you can understand where Cesar is coming from. The loss in politics, the suicide of his son, and his career going nowhere. I guess this is too much for anyone even as tough like him. Eventually he exploded and finally suffered a melt-down. And now we have the news.

Kaya kahit kinarma si Buboy, makikita natin na he was venting all his violent reactions and shits and made Shine a punching bag. Awtsu! But still, Buboy should have known better. Hell, he’s fucking old! And looks like a monkey!

But I agree with this netizen (to think may pagka-jeje siya):


Super biased kasi na si Shine lang ang kinakampihan. Buti kung ang mga kagaya ni Deniece Cornejo ang kina-aawaan, dahil si Deniece, alam niya kung saan siya nagkulang–and that is being an escort girl. See how she learned how to shut up. Eh si Shine?

Many of these GirlTalkers do not know how to distinguish women who are absolutely dubious. Kung ako ang tatanungin, siyempre mas kaka-awaan ko pa si Deniece kay Shine, anoh! Call me a “kabit” sympathizer, yet I still believe that Deniece was WRONG in choosing to be an escort girl. For what, easy money!? It’s a good thing that she learned from her wrongdoings (I suggest she and Vhong shoud reconcile with each other). Hindi gaya ni Shine, she does not even acknowledge her own mistakes and keeps on playing the victim.

And yet to “play victim” and posting shit on social media is quite unforgivable. Seriously, Shine is like Vhong Navarro already. If Shine will still make parunggit against Buboy, lalabas at lalabas rin ang mga baho niya, even though she has a wholesome image. Agree with Maya_65, that even though Sunshine did the right thing to get rid of Buboy (check out PEP, magtiyaga kayo! LOL), mas nakaka-awa pa si Buboy, but you will see in him that he does not need people’s sympathy or pity–by hitting Shine and making her his punching bag. Mukhang kailangang pumunta sa spesyalista si Buboy because his mental illness makes him look like a monkey. Seriously.

But it is still wrong to hit a woman. Buboy needs to see a psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, even though Shine was say, hit by Buboy, again, I have NO sympathy towards her. Nakaka-rindi na rin kapag cry-wolf na, eh. And I really don’t think Buboy will always remind her that she used to be a boldstar, kasi totoo namang boldstar siya dati, eh.

Bottom Line: Settle things in private, do not expose any of the details at all! In fact, many elitists will think that Shine is the victim here. Nevertheless, I could sense the fact that Shine keeps on villifying Buboy just to get sympathy, even though people already sympathize her. Seeking attention? I bet, yes!



  1. Molybdenum Studios

    You crucified it, Komi! I simply don’t get it why Sunshine Cruz is a pretty face, to think that she looks like a kabayong bading, not like Sheryl who is waaaaay better-looking than she does. Also Geneva. Siya lang ‘ata, like Rayver Cruz are the types of people who have similar traits with people with “attitude problem” by my standards: Hindi nga sila maganda’t gwapo (maputi lang sila), maka-asta pa sila ng ganyan. LOL. I guess Cesar has better combinations with his previous wives (Diego Loyzaga BTW is Cesar Jr., na mas cute), pumangit lang ang combination niya with Shine. As a matter of fact, mas maganda pa sina Gelli de Belen at Lani Mercado sa kanya, eh!

    1. pilosopongkomikado Post author

      Infairness gumwapo naman ang mga junakis ni Gelli. Sadyang hindi talaga striking ang byuti ni Gelli, like what you said before. Pero look at Lani and Gelli, at least tinatakot pa nga nila mga asawa nila, hindi gaya ni Sunshine Cruz, talagang pa-awa effect na lang.

      Ampalaya lang si Shine, kaya siya nagkakaganyan.

      1. Molybdenum Studios

        Hahahaha! Maghanap na lang si Shine ng talagang magmamahal sa kanya. Or better yet huwag muna.

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