Blast from the Past: readers on seeing Ellen Adarna in person

Hmmm… I think I was right all along. Yeah, mukhang mas maganda parin si Alodia Gosiengfiao no matter how people bash her for being “pretentious” on-and-off cam.

No hate on Ellen, actually. Yeah, she has a pretty face due to her Chinese-Spanish lineage. Well, MSP told me that people in Cebu City are mostly fair-skinned, but in reality, you only see fair-skinned Cebuanos in the upper-class. Sa Ilonggo mo talaga makikita ang mga kutis-porselana.














#RealTalk: Speaking of face value, Ellen is only photogenic pala, if that’s the case. But after all, to each on his/her own.

As a matter of fact, because the timeframe’s 2008-2009, Mariel and Kitchie were the more stunning ones in person. Kung sino pa ang hindi photogenic at telegenic, sila pa ang mas pansinin in person. Look at Yeng Constantino. She may not be photogenic or telegenic before, but many people will attest she’s pretty. Oh, Yeng’s skin wasn’t that maharlika-in, yet she might stand out compared to Mariel and Kitchie by East Asian standards. You know that East Asian standards are quite higher. For them, having smooth skin is not the true staple. For them, being classy is the norm.

Side Note: One GTalker even said that Ziyi Zhang is just “meh.” For the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, Zhang is already good-looking (facial symmetry, feminine lips, slim figure and the height!). Despite the scandals she had, she will really stand out, and her makinis counterparts will be just, “meh.”

I bet, kung sinong considered na maganda ang mukha sa Pilipinas, kahit so-so lang ang features (pero makinis), for the East Asians, they’re not stunning enough. “Effortless beauty” for them does not even exist in their vocabs.

#RealTalk: Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng kutis-maharlika! Being fair and smooth-skinned makes the face value increase like let’s say, 50 times. That ain’t a joke. MSP has a second cousin-in-law who is not very pretty, but she has fair and smooth skin. Also, she attested that she went to a party wherein a high concentration of smooth-skinned girls are present, but she said that none of them are attractive… or lezzay, wala silang head-turner factor. Even those skinny models weren’t that stunning.

In other words, what is the use of smooth, fair skin if it only enhances one’s face value in photos?

Haha! Take it from me. Actually, maraming magsasabing mas maganda pa nga ang mga kagaya nila Lovi Poe in person, and Maja Salvador is just, “meh.” Also, many people will attest that Cristine Reyes is only maputi at makinis. Mas maganda parin si Ara Mina in person, as what MSP said.

#MSPsays: Saw Ara Mina, Say Alonzo and Carla Humphries in a mall… in one of the poshest places in Metro Manila. Carla actually looks better on TV and photos than in person. She’s sadly, average-looking in person.

#KomiSays: Carla is just tall and slim. Medyo may katotohanan ang assumption na kung sino pa ang photogenic, siya pa ang “meh” in person. I bet, the likes of Pokwang are better-looking in person.

#RealTalk: Having fair and smooth skin does not make a female extraordinarily beautiful. Even without makeup. I said this shit for the nth time.

After all, Ellen Adarna will mostly be ordinary-looking in places like Kyrgyzstan, Siberia, or prolly the rest of Central Asia. Haha. If you think she has extra-ordinary beauty, talbog pa siya ni Natalia Poklonskaya, aka the Crimean Attorney-General who is strongly pro-Russia.

Not surprising, Japanese people adored Natalia. Haha! Don’t you know that many Slavic women (Russians, Ukrainians, rest of Eastern Europeans) are even much more attractive than their Western European counterparts? Look, Maria Sharapova is adored for her beauty and tennis talent.

MSP speaks up

That means, Origa must have been one of the most stunning gaikokujins in Japan!

You think there’s almost no “meh” person in Brazil? Well, I don’t remember any unattractive Russian or Ukrainian. Or any Eastern European.

#RealTalk: You rarely see any unattractive Eastern European or a Slavic person. Or not at all.

As a matter of fact, Ellen Adarna would have been ordinary-looking in such places like Vietnam, since there are lots of attractive girls there. No kidding. Prolly in places like Thailand, she would stand out there.

[OT Side Note: Marian Rivera is simply average-looking in Spain, or in Mexico, or the rest of South America. Many GTalkers attested the fact that Marian may be beautiful, but she does not stand out in Spain. I think Alessandra de Rossi or Lovi Poe would stand out there.]

Back to Komi

I guess these comments from Thoughts In Binary will attest that Ellen isn’t that stunningly-beautiful at all. Mas maganda pa ‘ata si Marian at si Carla Abellana, eh. In fact, one of MSP’s connections attested that Carla Abellana is one of the most stunning people in DLSU. Oh, almost-perfect, right?

Also, many Cebuanos, like what MSP said before, have a high concentration of liberated people.

#MSPsays: Saw a woman going inside the mall without any bra on, though maganda naman ang damit niya and she looks fab with it.

Cebuanos will of course, find Ellen Adarna not-so stunning. As a matter of fact, iba siguro ang beauty standards nila compared to Manilenyos. I think they are more open-minded and will attest that, “Meh, marami pang mag gwapa sa iyaha.”

As a matter of fact, Ha Hwang Haiyen is much prettier! ‘Yun talaga, consistent ang pagiging baby-faced. At the age of let’s say, 28, she still looks as if she graduated from junior high. This is how I describe Alodia. Even at the age of 26, Alodia still hasn’t aged!

As a matter of fact, I really doubt that Alodia and Haiyen smoked.

Maraming nagsasabing maganda si Ellen in person, at least, for Manilenyos. Pero magtanong ka sa Cebuano, I doubt you’ll receive good news from them.

#RealTalk: What is the use of smooth, fair and flawless skin if you look older than your actual age?

As a matter of fact, for the nth time, iba talaga ang maganda ang mukha sa makinis na balat. And I could tell you that Wendy Valdez looks younger than Mariel Rodriguez. Ang maganda lang kay Mariel is her face shape and her boobs are real, not like Wendy, na you will sense that her boobs are fake.

GirlTalkers didn’t realize that they are tolerating such people with pretty faces and smooth skin to have an angsty aura, and glorifying them. Pero kung sino pa ang ordinary-looking pero maangas naman, expect bashing from them. LOL.

And Gtalkers failed to observe that there are some people who still look ordinary and “meh,” kahit anong get-up nila, besides the smooth skin and slim figure. Actually, MSP told me that the sosyalera girls she saw during one party are the upgraded versions of Maja Salvador.

#RealTalk: Mukhang pokpok na social climber si Maja kapag gawin mo siyang sosyal. Maja looks more stunning with teeny-bopper outfits.

And those girls MSP saw do not have the IT factor. Wow. Like that company she has been to are simply hiring mediocrity. Really.


Haha. Stumbled on this photo. No wonder, MSP cannot be a total fan of Ellen Adarna not simply because of how liberated she really is on-cam, but because of the hype that was given to her.

#RealTalk: Umay factor na ang tawag diyan kapag may na-hype na isang kilalang tao.

As a matter of fact, only elitist people will tolerate such people with good looks and smooth skin to be liberated and whatnot. Yet, conservative people and conservative societies (esp. Japanese and Korean) will still look down on them.

Now you know why Sawajiri Erika is actually looked down by Japanese society, yet people like Aragaki Yui is praised for her feminity.

Hell, I actually prefer Erika-sama. Kung ipagtabi lang kay Ellenita at Gakky, you will notice that Erika-sama is ethereal and classic, which you rarely see in other hapas. Hell, walang binatbat sina Gakky at Ellen kay Kato Rosa, who is still fresh despite having two kids with her athlete shujin. Besides, some over-hyped Japanese actresses cannot even match with the most beautiful Korean actresses. Heck, not even Gakky or Ellenita will ever surpass not only Erika-sama’s beauty, but also Song Hye-kyo and Lee Young-ae’s good looks.

#RealTalk: Song Hye-kyo is the Korean Kristine Hermosa, while Kristine Hermosa is the Filipina Song Hye-kyo. So far, the only Japanese person with that classy looks would be Hirosue Ryoko. Oha, Hirosue-sama is the only Japanese actress so far who could pass for a white person.

Here, East Asian beauty standards are much higher compared to Filipino beauty standards. Well, there are some reasons why having kutis-maharlika (smooth, flawless, poreless) makes so-so features stand out (kahit pangit ang kilay at manipis): First of all, who does not want to be touched and adored because of their skin? I bet, many people in Cebu that time would have attested Ellen as simply “fair and flawless” because their standards are much more diverse as compared to the elitist Manilenyos in many forums. As a matter of fact, those who have not-so nice skin, regardless of color, are the better-looking ones. And I tell you this one: Sharp/strong features are more umay-worthy more than soft features. Also, being super fair-skinned is also an UMAY factor. That is why, like one photographer said, “It’s better being under-exposed than being over-exposed.”

Simply take note of this. Face value is like Exposure Value (EV). Therefore, it’s better being underrated than being overrated. Technically, under-exposed photographs can still be fixed, while the overexposed ones are totally damaged.

I could sense Ellen nearing the overrated level, if some fanboys will gush on her umay-worthy looks which, according to her own fellas in her place, are just simply not-so striking.


Yep, no wonder Ellen is quite insecure of herself. Prolly because of her average looks, she had double-eyelid surgery, aside from boobjob.

To those elitists who will defend Ellen that she’s really good-looking, you really cannot tell if the person is really good-looking. Besides, you could see for yourself in these screenies, proving that Ellen is just so-so, even in her own high school. Kung ilagay siya sa mga sea of Latin women, she won’t stand out at all. Ilagay niyo pa siya sa Spain, hindi naman siya mapapansin.

Overall, Ellen is simply photogenic!


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