Pathtub: A Korean-Filipino’s perspective on Kris and Vice as hosts

This rant actually came from a hapa (Kopino).

As expected from Petrang Horse and Krazy. Hahahahaha! Not funny!

Why don’t they do that to Sawajiri Erika? Or prolly Sakai Masato? Or Vic Chou? Haha, Vic Chou is scared to speak up his mind when he and Jerry Yan was interviewed by Krazy. Why, is Vic Chou even the same level with ASOS when it comes to dealing with people? Heck, Vic showed his prowess and wit with Tita Shawie.

Baka mas magustuhan pa nila Sakai Masato o ni Sawajiri Erika si Tita Shawie, Ricky Lo or even Tito Boy Abunda. Heck, even the likes of Takeshi Kaneshiro or prolly Ziyi Zhang will have positive vibes with the three professional hosts I have mentioned.

Kris and Vice never learned their lesson. Well, Vice learned his lesson from his joke against Jessica Soho (a bit, I guess), however, in terms of interviewing people!? Haha, he even insulted the guy who likes white underarms (GGV guest si KubetAA that time, ah) and in some way, called Cacai Bautista a piranha!

Hahaha, Vice and Kris, your wealth cannot even purchase class and breeding. Nakakahiya kayo!

I really can imagine Sakai Masato-san showing his inner bitch just by body language, if he is interviewed by KRAZY or VICE. No worries with Sawajiri Erika-sama, since she will just answer “betsu ni” to Krazy and Vice.

What more if Kris and Vice interviews someone like… Jackie Chan?

Haha! I bet, Jackie Chan will make controversial comments again! Even though he’s a funny guy, he will still manifest his controversial side, calling Kris and Vice “monkeys” and telling them to go back to the jungle.

LOL! Expecting that from Jackie Chan!? Yes, it is possible!

Remember, Jackie Chan made controversial remarks such as “I hope there will be a disaster coming” and “America is the most corrupt country in the world.” I bet, Jackie Chan will even shove to Krazy and Vice’s faces that they should have cancer!

Bad much, eh?

Expect harsh reactions from Koreans, Chinese… and the worst… Japanese. Also, expect shallow, superficial yet somehow senseful comments from Westerners.

And expect the most brutal, hard-hitting reactions from Komi. HAHA.

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