#RacismTalk: Racial Supremacy Problems

Before I start with my colorful rant…

It was freaking bad news when Roxyisferox blog was like… suspended. GAH! That was my favorite blog ever, aside from MSP’s blog (2 blogs, that is)… oh well. SHOGANAI NEH!

RANT: Being White-Skinned won’t make you look Caucasian!

…and being dark-skinned won’t make you a black person (a person of sub-Saharan African descent, that is). I will not use the N-word because it is really profane for me to do so!

Of course, white people will cry foul if I call them “Caucasian” or “white”. TBH, the term “Caucasian” refers to people not only natives of Europe, but it extends across the Middle East and North Africa, towards Central Asia then the Indian sub-continent.

Fair Skin =/= Caucasian

Characteristics of a Caucasian person:

1.) Has a narrow nose (well-defined nose, okay!?)
2.) Has deep-set eyes, whether round or not.
3.) Has hairy skin (LOL please don’t take this against me)

Examples of Caucasians: Jesus Christ (yes, he really is. No wonder, he is often depicted as a handsome man with feminine features hihihi).

So if you’re Caucasian, you may be coming from the Arab peninsula, the Indian subcontinent or Central Asia. Therefore, it’s safe to call an Arab or an Indian (Dravidian or Aryan) person a Caucasian.

And please, being Caucasian doesn’t necessarily mean you have white skin. Here’s the chart:

Usually, you might be pertaining to the skin color of people coming from North/West, East or even South Europe. You forgot those who come from Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

So it’s like: You don’t need to be black to be called an African, while you don’t need to be white to become European. Lastly, you don’t need to look Asian to be called an Asian.

Guys, this is the GLOBALIZATION world, and if you keep on shoving the idea that being “white-skinned” and/or Caucasian is superior, then EFF YOU! Remember, you could still conform to society WITHOUT THE NEED to give up your individuality.


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