Pathtub: The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth, by Komilicious!

Meek women are more stupid than domineering women.

Therefore, domineering women are role models, as compared than meek women.

Meek women often get into trouble with domineering men, while domineering women think that meek men are as stupid as their female counterparts.

So yeah, it’s not advisable to have a domineering husband. Get someone who isn’t a domineering man. Only a few unattractive men are domineering (lol). But many attractive women are rather meek than domineering.

Domineering men are often egoistic, arrogant and controlling, while meek men are more passive, delegative and reserved.

Domineering women have high standards, while meek women have low standards.

No wonder, meek women are easily fooled by domineering men (whether attractive or not!), while domineering women blackmail domineering men (lol)!

Meanwhile, meek men are actuall deceived by the charm of domineering women, while domineering men think that they are a threat to their macho image.

Domineering men are egoistic; meek men are passive.

Domineering women are wise; meek women aren’t so wise.

#KomiSays #uglytruth

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