February: The month of pestilence

Now you know why I am saying this.

1.) February 25 – EDSA Revolution (ousting Marcos and HELLO, oligarchs!)
2.) February 14 – Sure, it’s Valentimes’ Day but HELL NO, I am not going to buy the fact that it’s a day for lovers. It is the birthday of no other than Kris Aquino.
3.) February 5 – The birthday of our most hated whore and slut, AA Klenk.
4.) February 29, 30 (and/or 31) – Need I say more!?
5.) February 2014 – Another year of the grim reaper + pestilent month

No offense to those who celebrate their birthday on a February/Nigatsu. I hate to say this, but my Fake Feng Shui instincts are becoming true: MSP lost her phone at the 5th of February, recently.

It means, all the pestilent people will rejoice, and today is the day of the guru predicting this skin-eating disease from Pangasinan.

Why NOT celebrate February 25

Of course! It falls at the month of love and pestilence at the same time, that’s why we shouldn’t. Of course, some people celebrate it because they think it restores “DEMOCRAZY” to the Philippines, but please, please please! I do not buy the fact that EDSA Revolution (People Power) is really a true shift towards democracy. It’s the start of the Philippines turning down into a wasteland… a wasteland full of corrupt officials and know-it-alls domineering the rest of the poor in spirit.

That’s why when you read Philippine history books, usually they glorify the Aquino-Cojuangco family (Yellow oligarchs) and the rest of the people who kiss their asses. Even A BIAS CBN!

Why February is a pestilent month this year

It really is a pestilent year since all of these evil spirits lurk throughout and inspect whether someone should die violently or not. There’s a plague, after all. A plague, that might as well place the Philippines into ruins, and oligarchs have the power to do that.

Komi’s Feng Shui Tips

1.) Do not put BB cream into your face every 25th of February, or else you’ll fail the English exam.
2.) Of course, do not cross the street every 5th of February, or else your phone will get snatched.
3.) Valentine’s Day should NOT be on a February, therefore we should set it to November 14 instead.
4.) Do not celebrate the Chinese New Year on a February. Might as well do it every last week of January.
5.) Never ever acquaint yourself to someone with a hidden spoiled brat personality EVERY February! EVER!

If a Friday the 13th falls every February, make sure you do not do these things above at the same time, because it will cause you… STD coming from a dirty toilet.


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