To be honest with you, enough of this Vhong-Deniece-Cedrick controversy thingy!

Although I despise Deniece and Decric, I don’t think they deserve to be slut-shamed forever and ever.

Come on, even evil people deserve a break. Give them some space to settle all these shit in private. No wonder, some people are wise enough to look at the issues that are OUTSIDE showbiz.

And enough of Vhong Navarro, please. Though I hope he has learned from his mistakes, he also needs a break. Besides, Vhong here is the victim of this booby trap. But just like anyone in ABS-CBN, he should of course, admit that he has raped women (some, ah).

Let me be very honest with you…

According to the NGO KomiLeaks (funded by some oligarchs who were convicted of corruption and were forced to pay heavy taxes for this organization LOL), the reason why this nonsensical issue is MAGNIFIED is because, between you and me, the government wants to conceal their stench. No kidding! There are more important things that deserve attention rather than this trio-shitty-brouhaha. Get me?

I won’t care if I get arrested. Besides, I promote freedom of speech (as form of rebellion against hypocrisy… and the hypocrite superiors lol).

And to the oligarch-controlled media, you failed again. Neither the mass people didn’t ask you to magnify the issue, nor those middle- and elite-class peeps asked you to make that issue… some form of entertainment. I hope everyone knows this.


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