#RealTalk Vhong Navarro: I still do not have sympathy towards you.

I guess I owe Kat Alano an apology for calling her “laos” since I thought she sided with Deniece Cornejo, given that she never name-dropped anyone. It’s a good thing that she gave her sentiments regarding the issue.

But thing is, why just now? You see, Twitter peeps will be pro-Kapamilya and pro-Vhong. I mean, yes, Vhong does not deserve it, but I think it’s a good thing he admitted his mistakes, asking everyone not to sympathize him.

As for Kat, I really owe you an apology for not believing you at the first place. I was surrounded by these people who think that it’s only Vhong who deserves sympathy, period. Just to be fair Twitter peeps, I was also hesitating on Kat’s posts, and sided with the majority. There are some people who don’t want to sympathize with Vhong.

Lastly, I was thinking Kat sided with Deniece. I don’t think Kat should thank Deniece for making this issue big.

Moral of the story: Never CHEAT.


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