To both FP-tards and elitist GirlTalkers out there: Leave Ellen Adarna alone!

BTW, thanks Roxyisferox for this one, though!

Why not give this girl a chance to express herself, eh? FYI, she’s Cebuana, and when you say Cebuana, my impression comes across as liberated, stubborn and err… you know what the rest is. But in Ellen’s case, she’s not as pasaway as others who create controversies to be the talk of the town. And I have heard her speak English, and I prefer her to speak the language.

As what Roxyisferox said:

‘Yan ang hirap sa mga Pilipino eh! They have the nerve to criticize at someone’s English—verbal, spontaneity and sentence construction—-while the said critics COULD NOT SPEAK ENGLISH SPONTANEOUSLY.

For the love of God! No wonder, nagta-Tagalog ako sa Twitter para makapag-fit in sa mga fans, eh.

And yet… some people express themselves in English without sense. Puh-leeze, before bashing another person, make sure that your English is on a Shakespearean level!

Yeah, I feel for Ellen. She cannot organize her thoughts properly because yes, Cedric is her friend. However, FYI to both FP-tards and elitist GirlTalkers:

Maria Bonita said:

Oh guys, come on! She’s a Cebuana and they’re not so accustomed in speaking Tagalog so they speak English. And she actually speaks English well. It’s just that she’s not speaking very clearly in this video. I guess it’s because Cedric is her friend so she can’t really talk that straightforwardly against her friend.

And remember that Ellen is a Cebuana elite, that’s why her English is really damn good, and I prefer her to speak the language because masakit talaga sa tenga kung magsasalita ng Filipino si Ellen, unless if she’s a Bisaya coming from Mindanao–at least Cebuano-speaking people from Mindanao speak better Filipino. I tell you, Ellen would have used Filipino/Tagalog if she’s from Davao.

Check out her other videos in YouTube, whenever she speaks English, she makes sense naman. This video Imma showing you does not reflect her English proficiency at all. If she sounded like a typical dumb blonde, well I cannot really start the blame game for that, though. She wasn’t raised to be prim and proper (you know the history of Cebu, and they’re fierce people! Manilenyos, on the other hand, are more conservative, no wonder there’s the Kingdom of Manila). But I tell you, she’s like any other typical Cebuano elite: Their English is good, far better than the Manilenyo English.

Never make fun of someone’s English if you don’t realize that their English is damn good! Also, never piss them off. They might rant this way.


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