Ang Love ay parang RICO


Ang kasabihan:

Ang love ay parang Rico: Minsan BLANCO, minsan PUNO, pero hindi mo lang alam… ‘YAN na talaga ‘yun!

Love is like Masato: Sakay ka lang sa mga trip ko, makukuha mo ang mga gusto mo: YANO!


Everyone still likes RY, and no matter how people love Piolita, he is NOTHING! Gah, dontcha know that RY and Antonello would fall in the IKEMEN category by Japanese standards!?

Also, during the time of Rico Yan, there wasn’t such thing as sex objects and homewreckers who create issues to be the center of attention.

And yes… RY was rather a role model to many… not until his death.

Too bad, someone will say…


Victory goes to ze ugly ppl.

However, one message to everyone:


And DUH, DJ Padilla won’t be VERY popular if Antonello didn’t pass away!

If RY and Antonello were still alive, they would’ve been starred with Sakai Masato+Rowan Atkinson+Chris Tucker!



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