Gomen nasai, Honkon! It’s your loss!


After reading this article about Hong Kong dropping its visa-free policy to Filipino citizens, I just think that Filipinos are no longer affected (and should not be! Hell, HK is too congested and fucking overrated at the same time!) with regards to this issue.

Guys, TBH with you all, there’s NOTHING really spectacular in Hong Kong. Come on, Thailand and Singapore are better, and countries needing a visa like Japan and South Korea have better things to offer.

Well, Hong Kong may be a good start for beginners, but that’s it. As an elitist person, I think going to the US and Hong Kong is just tooooooo shallow. That’s it!? USA!? HK!? You settle for anything less. Period. Paragraph. No comma!

Also, if you’re going to ask me, it is Seoul, South Korea that has BETTER VIBES than HK. First of all, Seoul is sort of laid-back and its urbanization level is like… a better version of Beijing. People there are nice and accommodating, and it’s pretty much a multicultural city. If you speak Japanese, English and Chinese, this is the place to go.

And sorry guys, if you want to go to Disneyland, there’s TDL. Ocean Park Manila isn’t that bad, either. And theeeeeen… there are a lot of things that you could do in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.


Now that is the word, of ze Lourd. Allow me to explain why I actually despise the fact that PNoy refused to apologize to the HK government because he firmly explained that it’s only the fault of one man. Jeezus, dontcha know “One for All, All for One,” eh!? PGMA is many times better than you, PNoy, speaking of strengthening ties with other countries. During the hostage of Angelo dela Cruz in Iraq, PGMA decided to follow the orders of the Iraqis who hostages Dela Cruz rather than the orders of the Allied Powers. Here, you’ll see that PGMA is a true-blooded risk-taker, while PNoy isn’t.

No wonder, speaking of the 2010 elections, I cringed when PNoy himself won as president. ASDFGHJKL! Shit! I’d rather have BongBong Marcos as Philippine president. For sure, scientists and inventors will receive support from him!

But actually, it was ERAP who triggered the situation. Thanks also dude, Filipinos who settle for less will be sadder.


Hmmmm… yeah! I think PNoy didn’t represent the Filipino people, but fuck, he simply answered back to Hong Kongers! Well, as the saying goes, “Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw!”

PNoy’s arrogance has said enough. Fuck, he didn’t want to apologize because he knows that he will lose his pride towards Hong Kong.

Well PNoy, why not swallow your pride first before someone else steps on it!? You and your family have always been known in the elitist world as rather “power-trippers.” We never saw that coming on your archnemeses, the Marcoses and the Arroyos. Grow the fuck up, please!

But in the second comment… wow thanks for the compliment, but please don’t ever think that all things made in China are poor in quality. There’s quality control, that’s why.

I guess, I have said enough. Well, there’s NOTHING really special in Hong Kong. At all. To my Filipino friends, there’s always Bangkok and Singapore. Oh and… there are also countries which offer a lot MORE than the SAR.

Oh yeah, before I forget: Filipinos who hold ordinary passport aren’t affected, therefore it should be a relief. But still… you know why Imma ranting this way.



One thought on “Gomen nasai, Honkon! It’s your loss!

  1. roxyisferox

    Reblogged this on #REALTALK over the Kimchi & Adobo and commented:
    Well, I don’t feel any sadness towards travel restrictions imposed by HK government, but on the same token, fucky you to P-Noy for his idiocy. Nothing will be lost from him if he apologized in the first place. The thing he did to China and HongKong is a mark that P-Noy has so sense of diplomacy. Meanwhile, as I agree with Komi, I am not dreaming of going to Hong Kong anyway, as well as Macao. Both countries are too congested, too urbanized and polluted. I want a place that is able to fuse nature and urbanity, like South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India or United Arab Emirates. Those countries are waaaaaay more awesome than Hong Kong and Macau. Sa Thailand na lang ako—magsa-sight-seeing ng mga boylet, mag-pig-out sa mga murang pagkain, mag-shopping ng mga damit at magliwaliw sa mga beaches. Sa South Korea, magtatanghod sa mga stores sa Gangnam, magpig-out sa mga Karinderia at Little Manila, makipag-inuman sa mga Koreano, at magtanaw-tanaw sa Han River.

    #p-noy #nonsense #unapologetic #hongkong #travelrestrictions


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