Who is PGMA in the eyes of Komi?

Ganito talaga ang hitsura ko kapag nagka-nunal lang ako… magic!

Ako na ngayon si Masatoria Makatagal Arrosakai… Lol.

Kung dati, naging Mona Lisa ako, naging Monato Lisakai aka (モナト・リサカイ).

Actually, that is because I am an advocate against the oligarchs harrassing Congresswoman Gloria M. Arroyo! Y’know what guys? I admire CGMA eventhough she had many lapses as president. Ofcourse nobody can deny that CGMA is great, therefore I should still call her PGMA.

I also agree with former first lady Imelda Marcos! Hospital arrest for PGMA is absolutely inhumane! Yeah right, karma struck PGMA thru sickness but PNoy should stop harrassing her, because PGMA ignored criticisms but him!? Good Lord, I guess blaming PGMA isn’t a good strategy for the Yolanda err… catastrophe.

I guess aside from the Marcos family, I also admire PGMA for her iron fist… and her good deeds as a president. No one could ever deny that she’s great, but the Yellow Media shoved to the masses that she’s EVIL! Okay, not being pro-Marcos (totally, as in 100%) or being pro-GMA, but the Yellow Family should be eradicated!

Moral of the Story: The Yellow Oligarapalmuks (Oligarch+Garapal+Kapalmuks) cannot simply outsmart their worst critics: The Marcos admin and the Arroyo admin. End of the novel.

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