Komikado Reacts: Types of Butt-hurt Filipinos

Being a foreign drama character who has transformed into a meme character for some time, I think it’s time for me to err… post things about the different types of butthurt people!

#MSPsays: Well, I simply discovered this blog called “Butthurt Philippines.” Anyways, try reading it, it’s very hilarious, entertaining and at the same time informative… unless you’re really butt-hurt!

Here the different types of Pinoy Butthurts (credits BTW to Butthurt Philippines… doumo!)

Let me add some more…

1.) The flaw pinpointer – These people (especially women) are those who pinpoint another person’s flaws, especially when this person (particularly an actress) actually has something done to her face and/or body. People who belong to the Nobody Perfector category hypocritically pinpoints on another person’s flaws, for her own satisfaction–or to boost their self-esteem.

2.) The know-it-all – These people are the most butt-hurt people you’ll ever see on cyberspace–as the worst hypocrites in society. First things first, they verbally-clog you or interrupt you when you share your discussions, forcing you to share your thoughts off-topic. Usually, they view marginalized people as a burden and would often tell them that they should blame themselves for they are just a nuisance in their lives–and speaking of which, these know-it-alls actually kiss the asses of the popular kids/high school brats and their fellow know-it-alls (sometimes, they would even defend the opposing group just to show that the person she’s talking to is “wrong,” hence the word “know-it-all”). Know-it-alls are actually the biggest contributor towards crab mentality–a “Filipinism” that is actually the root of faux discrimination.

But don’t worry folks. These are the most toxic people who do not actually practice what they really preach. Somehow, some of them manifest arrogance pinpointing the flaws of other people (especially the marginalized ones), while they cannot (even) correct their know-it-all attitude. Also, when a person calls them a “know-it-all,” you know what happens.

3.) The Arrogance Approver – These are people who think that girls with pretty faces (extra-ordinary beauty) have the right to be arrogant, liberated and at the same time, stubborn. Or let’s just say that this person has the right to brag about herself because she’s the prettiest in her family, school, et cetera. These people who approve of pretty girls being arrogant do not actually know the context of charming the majority population–usually, these “Arrogance Approvers” are elitist people, and I hate to say this, but elitist GirlTalkers and FP-tards (you’ll know these terms later) belong to this category.

Always take note: Beauty, fame and money can never buy class and breeding.

4.) The Pathetic Spoiled Brat – The type of person who is actually hated by the “Elitista Artista” but don’t get me wrong on this one: These people step on other people’s pride, but cannot swallow their own pride due to the fact that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. In short, they were raised to be über-dependent towards their family. This is the type of person you don’t want to date, especially if this person’s MALE. They’re the typical Mama’s Boy, and usually, they think that being a womanizer makes them manlier.

At first meeting, rather than asking the girl’s permission to go out on a date, they have this vibe that persuades the girl that having a date with them or accepting their offer is obligatory. In the Japanese context, rather than asking …いきませんか (…ikimasenka), they would often pull the girl and say, …いきましょう (…ikimashou). Doing the “ikimashou” is a big NO-NO especially if you only met the person for the first time. Take note, if they’re actually doing the “ikimashou” thing, they’re actually stepping into your pride without you being aware that this person’s a complete, total jerk.

5.) The Blame Gamer – Those people who think that their faults originated from other people. For instance, PNoy blaming CGMA.

6.) The Western Butt Kisser – Check out Celebrity Gabfest in GirlTalk and comments posted in Fashion Pulis. You’ll see that there are some rabid Kapamilya-tards who disguise themselves as FP-tards and elitist GirlTalkers who will actually get butt-hurt if ever another netizen will criticize another Kapamilya talent. They actually tolerate people bashing Kapuso talents without basis but if one criticizes another Kapamilya talent, you know what comes next.

Usually, these people like US shows and actually do not mind a Hollywood celebrity being rude to a Kapuso interviewer *ehem ehem* but actually becomes defensive when a person is pinpointing to a Kapamilya interviewer’s lapses (especially when they’re comparing this interviewer/reporter to another reporter).


Ricky Lo’s controversial interview with Anne Hathaway
Gtalker 1: I just heard that Anne Hathaway is (one of) the most hated celebrities.
Gtalker2: Let’s not defend mediocrity (pertaining to Ricky Lo).

Korina Sanchez’s remarks to Anderson Cooper
Gtalker 1: I heard Koring did this, and that one…
Gtalker2: Well, not all rumors are true. (Shows her good side blah blah if there are strong evidences that Koring is actually a moody and a brutal person at the same time)

Now you see why I don’t think Celebrity Gabfest is reliable. If you were to ask me guys, Kapamilya-tards are also lurking on Celebrity Gabfest, thus, it makes the said forum… no longer reliable.

7.) The Grammar Nazi kuno – These people correct other people’s grammar and pronunciation while they do not admit to themselves that they also make grammar lapses. Grow up, please.

8.) The Power-Trippers – These are people who claim to be true to themselves while they’re actually hypocrites. These people actually think that they could get away with everything while they get butt-hurt if someone is whistle-blowing.

To add, there are some who hate their own children despite that they are rather normal-looking or good-looking while they favor the ones who are the least attractive/adopted/offspring from another person. These people think that the least pretty/adopted/offspring from another person are “more attractive” because they believe that these kids build up their self-esteem.

Best example: Inday Barretto hating Gretchen Barretto (said to be the prettiest among the Barretto siblings, even though Marjorie is the most attractive) while she loves Claudine (who happens to be the least pretty among the Barretto celebrity sisters).

9.) The Pilosopong “pro-masa” kuno – These are people who think that “bragging is still bragging” while they do not realize that it’s better to be arrogant than to be rude. Being arrogant is alright for as long as you do not hurt other people, but there are some people who think that these people who show off their stuff on Instagram are automatically arrogant.

Does bragging make one insecure? Hell no, if you have it, then flaunt it! Well… for as long as it comes from your own hardwork–or a prize for your hardwork coming from your parents.

Also, these people who think that these people do not have the right to brag should get their facts straight–some of them even have the most unnecessary gadgets and I bet, the way they brag them are actually more intense than you think.

10.) The “Rich Kid Hater” kuno – People usually give hasty generalizations on people who have iPhone, Galaxy S-series, BlackBerry and other gadgets. I really do not buy the fact that a person is automatically “rich” just because they have iPhone, digital camera (DSLR or MILC), laptop. Well, you have the right to brag them if you are a power user, but if you’re not a power user, then just shut the fuck up–then watch and learn how you learn things the hard way.

PS: A true rich person hides their wealth. Remember that.


Sadly, Filipino society has been screwed up ever since the Marcos regime fell down. There’s this one comment saying that the Philippines has been a strong and growing economy before the rise of the oligarchs during the mid-1980s. Therefore, we have leaders who actually teach us to be butt-hurt whenever we’re stoned by criticisms. One more thing, I think during the Marcos regime, those who opposed Marcos were killed by his cohorts, but in this context, Marcos himself was never involved in those things. He rather ignored those criticisms against him–it was the military who went too far; nevertheless, there was such thing as Peace and Order during his time. American imperialists hated him because he outsmarted them, therefore they called him a “dictator.”

If Marcos was really a dictator, he should be at-par with the late Kim Il-Sung, who accepted criticisms and during his time, life was good. I don’t need to elaborate more on how Marcos strengthened diplomatic ties between the Philippines and other countries.

What happened now? Filipinos are hurting and discriminating their fellow Filipinos because this is the conspiracy of the Yellow Family–that every Filipino should hate one another, thus, the giant media made these Filipinos hypnotized towards illusions.

So you’re accusing me of blaming these things to the oligarchs? Well, a good leader should set an example to everyone–which PNoy never had and will never have. As a matter of fact, what the Aquino-Cojuangco family have that the Marcos family never have is this: Arrogance.

Sadly, other respected people in the aspect of education and the liberal arts still think that the Yellow Family brought democracy to the Philippines, if it is in fact a façade.

Yeah sure–it is DEMOCRACY on the OUTSIDE, but it is OLIGARCHY on the inside, therefore the monicker, “DEMOCRAZY.”

No worries, people. I think I should post all of the PinoyMonkeyPride’s videos about the Yellow Family conspiracy.

PS: I think Butthurt Philippines is really a great online comic site! (:


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