Komi Says: The Power Punk Boys

Casting Call!

Movie Title: Exchange Papers
Starring: Masato Sakai, Chris Tucker and Rowan Atkinson
Also starring: Alessandra de Rossi, Jiang Yiyan
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Anti-racism (lol)

Plot/Synopsis: Just like “Three Idiots” or Monsters University.

Why these actors?

Sakai Masato – Remember Legal High? Oh yes–even though he often portrays serious roles, this dude really rocks ass! I cannot imagine a movie without him… and he should polish his Eigo again so that he’ll deliver his lines like a boss.

Rowan Atkinson – He will reprise his role again… as a priest! And will talk again about fellatio! Kidding. ((:

Chris Tucker – Here, he is the American version of Komikado (dunno if this’d be his first time being a lawyer)… and his passion for law would cause Masato and Mr. Bean some trouble!

Why the title: Look and see once you see the plot! Lels.

Plot/Synopsis coming soon! Suggest me some interesting plots if you want! ((:

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