Finally… your link code Komi is finally here… with his blog

Apter all dis yirs, I tink dis is da rayt taym I meyd mai own blag.

Hmmm… before I start, anyways, I finally linked in my Path account to this blog… oh yes, you have to expect updates here via Path since I am not really a “blogging expert” but rather someone who will warm up your day. Anyways, I am a “brother blog” of Molybdenum Studios since I used to be there making “pa-singit” to express my thoughts about Philippine society and Philippine media… but first, I simply commented on mainstream media like, when news about Miley Cyrus’s controversial VMA performance shocked a lot of people. Here, I finally broke in as a meme character, showing all of my different facial expressions executed by of course, THE legendary Sakai Masato, also known as the Japanese Johnny Depp (well, Robin Padilla is the Filipino Johnny Depp, I suppose).

Soooo… I finally have a Facebook account and an Instagram account, and promised to have my own Twitter and account just in case my Facebook likes reach 20 likes… and that’s where it all started. I created this blog not because I want to fit in the meme culture, but I am here to express myself away from my character on Legal High.

Well, my nickname Komi should never be confused with the term “commie” because I myself am an anti-communist person. Face it, deal with it. I stand firm with my ground on being a democratic capitalist… and there’s nothing you can do with it. :p

Well guys, this is the right place for you to contribute about the latest jokes coming out from your mind… and this is where you could share some ideas regarding… anything! Anything under the sun, because this is a free country! Nyahaha!



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